Aeropress Coffee Maker Review 2020

Aeropress Coffee Maker Review 2020

The Aeropress Coffee Maker looks like a small toy at first glance. On the other hand, the Aeropress is much more than capable of brewing yummy coffee.

I believe most java geeks could have a great deal of pleasure, and naturally, fantastic coffee on this little gadget.

If you are considering picking up a coffee grinder that’s capable of cranking up one or 2 cups at a rush, then this item ought to be on your radar.

What can it be?

AeroPress is a press-style coffee maker that is employed by using a plunger mechanism, very similar to a huge syringe, to induce water before a pocket of air through coffee grounds, producing low-acidity java which may be used to create various kinds of coffee beverages. AeroPress isn’t hard to establish, use, and wash.

What’s in the box?

AeroPress’s box has been shown over. Made from recyclable cardboard, it’s filled with quotations from several coffee brewing specialists who sing its praises. Marketing hype or fair truth? I had been planning to learn.

  • Plunger
  • Chamber
  • Stirrer
  • Scoop
  • Funnel
  • Filter Stand
  • Education Manual
  • Plunger Seal
  • Filter Cap
  • 350 Paper Filters
  • Hardware specs

Chamber & Plunger = Polypropylene (BPA free)
Plunger seal = silicone

Who Should Consider The Aeropress Coffee Maker?


Among those Aeropress’s main advantages is its compact dimensions. It is small and lightweight enough to fit it in your regular backpack easily and deliver it into function or on a trip.

On the other hand, the small size also suggests the Aeropress is somewhat constrained in its capability. Suppose you’re merely brewing for one or perhaps two individuals that are no problem. Attempting to serve coffee for bigger groups quickly grows more complicated, though.

Bearing that in mind, the brewer appears to match any coffee enthusiast who wants to brew a fast cup in the morning or around the street. In case you need to brew coffee to your loved ones or a larger group, you look elsewhere.

Aeropress Coffee Review

Aeropress Coffee Review


The Aeropress is made from a PBA-free plastic substance. Through time the material was slightly altered with every new iteration. The most recent version was a cloudish, greyish semi-transparent substance, which not just looks great but has also proven to be somewhat resistant to tear and wear.

The plunger component itself includes a rubber seal, which can be removable. This means it is easy to clean all parts.

Though the unit is plastic and rubber, it is exceptionally hardy. In regular use instances, the plunger is set under quite a lot of pressure, but I have not heard of anyone breaking any areas of the gadget.

The old versions were a Little More prone to scratches, but the brand new and slightly improved layout and substance have set an end to this


The guy behind the Aeropress isn’t beside the designer Alan Adler. Before devising the brewer, his principal claim to fame was that the Aerobie Frisbee.

As stated in the section over the brewer is very hardy. But let us dwell somewhat more about the plan and some of its features. The tiny coffee manufacturer is capable of brewing in two distinct manners: Inverted and ordinary.

To begin with, you wash a paper filter, then add the plastic disc.

Following that, you dip.

Voila: You’ve got java! There is a whole lot more to creating a fantastic cup of Joe than this, but you get the fundamental principle.

The layout is groundbreaking and innovative at precisely the same time. It is also quite practical in several ways: The brewer is mostly cleaning itself while it is brewing.

Simplicity of Use

The brewer is extremely simple to use. However, there’s a learning curve. You may begin using the usual ‘newcomer’ recipes you would discover online, but at precisely the same time, you may use countless little tweaks as you cooperate.

In that way, the brewer is a fantastic source of pleasure. It’s simple to begin. However, the choices are infinite as proficiency as an Aero-barista grows.

One thing I would like to highlight that there are a couple of practices and best practices that you ought to certainly apply to your brewing, which can help you earn great coffee much faster. It’s simple to produce decent coffee using the Aeropress. Nevertheless, making really heavenly java is another issue entirely. This is unless you check our key’ tricks for getting the maximum from the Aeropress.


As mentioned previously, there are several million various brew approaches, which have their effect on taste. Nonetheless, generally speaking, it is a system which has more in common with all the pour-over system instead of espresso or even the French media.

This comes down with a paper filter. A newspaper filter blocks out a number of these coffee oils from penetrating the last cup. A good deal of people enjoys this since it enriches the subtle coffee tastes. But some more hardcore java drinkers will prefer a more powerful and more’greasy’ coffee. If you’re among these men, you probably already understand it.

You must consider investing in an excess metallic filter disc and use instead of those paper filters. It is quite cheap and completely alters the capacities of this coffee maker.

There are many different metallic disc filters on the market, but they do precisely the same.

Back in the times, the Aeropress has been promoted’ as a piece of an alternate to espresso – thus the title, however, most people now agree that its principal strength lies in much more conventional ‘black coffee.’

That being said that the Aeropress is a very versatile brewer that could do just about anything.

The Aeropress looks like a small toy at first glance.

On the other hand, the Aeropress is much more than capable of brewing yummy coffee.

As for me, I believe most java geeks could have a great deal of pleasure, and naturally, fantastic coffee on this little gadget.

If you are considering picking up a coffee grinder that’s capable of cranking up one or 2 cups at a rush, then this item ought to be on your radar.

How can An Aeropress Coffee operate?

How can An Aeropress Coffee operate

It is a straightforward concept – a plunger over your cup is the fundamental premise.

You own a cap that demands a microfilter (metal or paper – we’ve used both, and both are equally excellent. The alloy one, you merely have to take care that if you eliminate this coffee grinds, you don’t inadvertently remove the filter). Set the cap on the end of the chamber and put on a sturdy mug.

When I did this, I had been sure the cup could tip over once the plunging started – it didn’t but take good care as you’ll use hot water.

We utilize the coffee grinds we use in our house espresso machine). Follow the instructions provided by how much you may need for the quantity of coffee you need.

Insert your warm water, and then stir the coffee while still at the room. You have to bring the ideal number of hot water to the number of cups you’ll be making. Follow them! Give the java a quick stir; then it’s time to dip!

Just keep a solid, steady pushing movement. It requires about 20 minutes or so to push through the cap.

Take the cap off, and with a last push of the plunger, a modest round puck of reasons is expelled to your bin/ground. The filter should stay in the cap, for simple elimination (remove if its the newspaper, or wash up whether its the metallic filter). Neat!

How can we analyze it?

To examine it, we utilized pre-ground supermarket java, figuring that many people using it’ll be on the move, and probably not grinding their beans because of it.

For comparison purposes, we ready the same java in a plunger, and also, the panel ranked OK overall.

The majority of the panel observed a lack of odor into the espresso, using a few announcing it bitterly. From that which the die-hard lovers state, some experimentation with the sum of water and beverage period can yield superior outcomes.


Is your AeroPress really that great?

Generally, it is not so simple to generate a great cup of java with this gadget. The type of cup which rivals the very best of pour-overs is difficult to attain. But when you become an innovative AeroBarista, you can earn some cups.

Is your plastic protected?

Yes, it is created out of polypropylene, which is considered secure and PBA-free.

Is AeroPress great for espresso?

It may make a few robust and concentrated shots that will satisfy many individuals, but it cannot make real espresso. The strain isn’t anywhere near nine pubs. You can put money into the specific Prismo cap if you would like to create something somewhat more such as espresso.


It’s straightforward to establish and simple to clean and is quite reasonable. For me, AeroPress transcended the hype I had heard about it, and it was a direct game-changer for me and introduced both my house and particularly my workplace java game to a different level-a degree of simplicity, pleasure, and pure jaJavanjoyment.

Video: How to Brew Coffee in an AeroPress

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