Top 40+ Best Coffee Table Books Reviews 2020

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Coffee table books are a method to elevate the style and the elegance of almost any room. They are effortless ways of adding color, texture, and layers into a table or corner, plus they double as statement pieces to showcase your own special interests and spark discussions with guests. (Seriously, how else are you going to discover the other person in the party that shares your distinct love of modernist needlepoint or Western whiskeys?)

With so many stunning, persuasive notes to select from, where to begin? We have assembled a listing of our favorites to help. Whether you are a fashionista, bibliophile, jet-setter or cinephile-you will have something special to discover.

The very best coffee table books, here.

Top 40+ Best Coffee Table Books

Top 40+ Best Coffee Table Books

Best for DIY Decor: Printing at Home Hardcover: Texture, Color, and Living with Style

Rebecca Atwood’s”Living with Style” is a stunning book for almost any home. The cover, a white and blue painting, is a bit of art alone, but the actual beauty is indoors. Atwood, a Brooklyn-based designer, and an artist investigate designs and textures as they pertain to house decor – and out of sand cloth tribal prints into shibori colored lamps, every page is much more alluring than the following.

Does Atwood research how to use the very best colors and prints for each room in your home, she explains how to DIY most of these in your home so you can choose the inspiration and use it to your personal decor.

Owners say that Atwood’s book exhibits beautifully in almost any home, including that its message is extremely functional and has helped lots of decoration fans decorate past the fundamentals.


Getting a mixologist is simple, even when you’re making beverages for friends or family. But if you have some opportunity to learn from the pros, things become slightly simpler. That is exactly what the NoMad Cocktail Book is all about.

As a group of different recipes packaged with the organization’s authentic Cookbook, readers will find directions for the production of over 100 distinct beverage mixes, a service guide representing the craft of drink-making, and a bevy of full-color/black & white illustrations to create their journey to the world of craft cocktails a little more intuitive. Additionally, with hints from a world-renowned biologist such as Leo Robitschek, you can make certain you’re learning the tips of the very best.


We said that cottages are loved by us, so we had been adamant when Cabin Porn, Zach Klein’s 2015 epic, premiered. Besides its intriguing name, this exceptional coffee table book follows the jobs of a bunch of buddies from New York since they seem to record the world’s most evasive, and isolated handmade houses. What started out as a scrapbook-esque website has transformed into something a little more visceral, combining favorite pictures and projects from the background of Zach Klein’s Tumblr-based website. Inside, readers are treated to exquisite symmetry settings and substance that was sufficient to last them a lifetime.

Women of this Congress that is 116th

Adhering to the 2018 midterm elections, a number of girls had been sworn to alter the face of both the Senate and the House. Throughout portrait photography evoking traditional (and traditionally men ) pictures of electricity, this book observes history-making female agents like Tammy Baldwin, the first openly gay senator; Sharice Davids and Deb Haaland, the earliest Native American women in Congress; and Nancy Pelosi, the first female Speaker of this House.

Bill Cunningham: On The Road: Five Decades of Iconic Photography From The New York Times

A roving, Spartan bizarre on a bike in a blue workman’s coat, Bill Cunningham was lots of things: a milliner, a photographer, a journalist, as well as a casual pub. From the seventies and eighties, he turned into a road fashion staple of New York Times plus a living landmark of 5th Avenue and 57th street, among his favorite corners by which to chronicle the road style and sociability of NYC.

This volume brings his writings between appealing colors of his jacket that is an attribute.

Bibliostyle We Live Home from Nina Fruedenberger with Books

A second was from the not-so-distant ago when organizing books by size and color was a clinic so omnipresent that death seemed unthinkable. (R.I.P. Rainbow shelves)

This book by author Sadie Stein, designer Nina Freudenberger, along with photographer Shade Degges delivers options that are compelling. Get a glimpse into the personal, diverse libraries of bibliophiles such as Silvia Whitman, proprietor of Paris’s Shakespeare and Company, and Gay and Nan Talese, a prestigious literary couple


Art of Atari might be among the most stone of those video game industry. If you are knowledgeable about the revolutionary console, you will be thrilled to hear this exceptional coffee table book dives right into the history of this device, while also representing heaps of matches which became mainstays of this gambling community after its 1972 release.

Inside, a set of illustrations, concept artwork, and development style bits provide audiences a look of the most eras of the industry. There are some rare insights into matches which conceptualized were guessed, and introduced, but never came for one reason or another.

Best for Female Empowerment: In the Business of Men: Advice, Inspiration & by Artists Makers & Entrepreneurs

Grace Bonney, who based the site Design*Sponge, investigates female empowerment through the lens of entrepreneurship and artistry in”In the business of Women.” This book should be on every girl’s (and man’s) coffee table this season; it is an important and intriguing reminder of what amazing women can achieve. The cover displays photos of ladies, which places it apart from the majority of the options. Every page features a portrait of a girl that embodies possession and creativity, together with a brief interview researching their route.

“In the business of Women” is an awe-inspiring coffee table book for any dwelling, and will inspire and motivate you every single time your foliage. Fans of this book say it is a hit in their house, noting that it has launched many profound, insightful discussions with family and friends. This publication is a superb selection for decorators that are searching for a coffee table book with the material.

Where to Move When by DK Eyewitness Guides

Plan a trip to discover the fever or the sights congested unforgiving? Ever know too late that you have only overlooked some famed street festival, a wonderful creature migration, or peak bloom season?

Where to Go When reorganizing your traveling bucket listing by month, allowing you in on the secrets to scoring the most enchanting scenery, reveling at the most lively street life, and indulging the finest local fare. Replete with strategies on combining trips, getting around, and getting to a destination.


Menswear accessories are a unique bunch, but when there is one time-tested fashion piece that people love the most, it is must be the wristwatch. About Time is a visual experience, first of all, shooting its readers deep into the histories of their preferred watches from brands such as Audemars Piguet, Omega, Rolex, IWC, Patek Philippe, Hublot, and Tag Hauer.

With more than 250 high-fidelity photos, articulate books, and comment, this exceptional coffee table book covers everything, from historical versions which have paved the way for the business’s most fascinating versions, all of the ways into the more modern examples which are making waves over the sphere of horological design. It is a party of the watches of men.


Surfing boasts its introspective way of life. It is a method of living, instead of something that makes it possible to get through your everyday life, and due to this, the people that are attracted to the game are obviously intriguing. In the event of professional photographer Thom Gilbert’s intricate coffee table publication, Waves, the ocean-savvy air surrounding a number of the planet’s most legitimized athletes continues to be recorded, deconstructed, and redefined to get a design-focused crowd.

Inside, readers will discover immaculate photography from a number of Earth’s finest surfing locales, such as New York, California, Hawaii, and Spain, while also providing a more romantic approach toward the understanding of customers’ lives outside the game. More than 300 beautifully-photographed pages record the everyday patterns of Gilbert’s themes and feature enlightening Q&As, hand-written gifts, and artwork made by some of surfing’s most prominent people.

Prabal Gurung

Even though Prabal Gurung established his eponymous set just in 2009, at the intervening decade that the designer has made an indelible mark in American fashion. With disposition boards, photos, and sketches, this monograph follows Gurung’s process and travel over the previous ten decades, by designing Michelle Obama’s Inauguration dress to showcasing his Nepalese legacy on the runway last spring.

Great Women Artists

The interior of the publication is as visually appealing as its vivid yellow cover. On offer are magnificent, full-page color reproductions of art by 400 girls spanning 500 decades. This publication encompasses contemporary favorites such as Yayoi Kusama and Renaissance anomalies such as Properzia de’ Rossi, (born 1490).

Also showcased are musicians that obtained incommensurate focus in their own time (Carmen Herrera), artists that have been overshadowed by their spouses (Leonora Carrington), along with musicians that, honored in their own time, even afterward watched exclusion from written reports or dropped from popular consciousness (Angelica Kauffman).

Agnès B.: The Snap Cardigan

Agnès B.’s snap cardigan turns 40 this season, and the newest made this publication, including photos of this iconic bit throughout time, to observe. It opens with an essay by journalist Sophie Fontanel about her love of this cardigan and her respect for the French designer’s work. “That girl is as crucial as Coco Chanel. She devised the cardigan! ,” Fontanel claims of Agnes B., a sentiment that will resonate at any superfan.


1000 Record Covers could be one which is a challenging decision to make. This thematically-focused book makes it possible for viewers to travel backward through time, revisiting history’s most impactful, significant, and innovative records, in addition to the art which was correlated with them.

From cultural shift, anarchy, political strife, and rebellion, all of the way to deeper investigation on topics like death and life, musicians have provided exceptional commentary on life’s many pressing characteristics. In preceding record-publicity executive Michael Ochs’ immersive publication, we know more about the sweeping changes which occurred in the music industry during the 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s, and exude a larger admiration for the art (and musicians ) behind a few of our preferred generational albums.

Timeless Furniture, Details Hardcover, and Textiles

Home decor styles go and come, but Christiane Lemieux set out to determine what creates a classic heirloom. It is eye-catching from the get-go, using a gold-emblazoned cover that is magnificent on each side or coffee table.

Through the publication, Lemieux interviews inside designers, background and color specialists, cloth pros, and much more to spot how to identify quality and artisanship. Between lust-inducing photographs of insides, Lemieux helps readers identify a fantastic bit and decorate their houses in a means that will endure the test of time.

This publication is a good gift for any decoration enthusiast. As soon as it’s a stunning piece of artwork that can set your coffee table arrangement aside, it is also packed with intriguing details each home decorator will love.

The Covers (updated edition) Hardcover by Dodie Kazanjian

Each fashionista demands a fantastic coffee table book, and”Vogue: The Covers” by Dodie Kazanjian plays tribute to the very iconic style magazine on the planet. Filled with covers in the magazine’s 125-year background, this edition includes covers from forth and 2010. Whether you are an enthusiast or just a lover of photography, this book makes for a stylish and classy addition. Whether displayed on its showing just its backbone, layered with additional coffee table books, “Vogue: The Covers” all but cries fashion.

Owners rave about the vibrant cover artwork of the book, agreeing that it is an enjoyable and fantastic addition to each space.


The Ride Novel is a group of photography enclosing among the communities on the planet: motorcycling. Since the sibling of biking and hobby sports such as BMX and mountain biking, these non, two-wheeled platforms have experienced something of a renaissance over the last couple of decades, leading to the developing interest of younger supporters, customizers, and musicians that comprehend its promise.

Inside, the Ride Book features plenty of interesting photographic gifts focusing on the subculture’s many market offerings, such as painstaking craftsmanship, driving ability, technical experience, and personal liberty, whether that’s creative or real. This is the book for you if you are a lover of motorcycling and what it signifies.

Choupette from Karl Lagerfeld

When designer Karl Lagerfeld expired earlier this season, he left behind not only the heritage of his decades-long profession in fashion but also his cherished Birman cat, Choupette. A star in her own right, Choupette earned fame (and tens of thousands of Instagram followers) because of her extravagant lifestyle of cozying up to supermodels and flying first class.

Today Choupette’s lovers can delight in this assortment of photographs taken by Lagerfeld, including the heterosexual kitty enjoying her favorite activities, like perching on a reclining seat and curling up at the restroom sink.

The Book of Dreams

Internationally renowned filmmaker Federico Fellini discovered his older design into psychology in the 1960s after delving. Taking to documenting his fantasies around now (between the filming of La Dolce Vita and 8 1/2), he stuffed two laptops with drawings that amuse the surreal and the comic book. These felt-tip renderings locate a house in this book that is significant.

Fake Prison Escape Maps, Forged Telegrams, and Love Letters by Annie Atkins

Working alongside film directors Wes Anderson, Steven Spielberg, and Todd Haynes, Annie Atkins generates the ephemera which makes fiction feel genuine. Atkins invites viewers to the detective work that goes into producing props for movies.

With 200 color illustrations and abundant detail, this novel takes readers behind the scenes to demonstrate the study and creativity behind the passports, tickets, packaging, and papers that populate your favorite movie collections.


Custom Bike Life is another publication that focuses on motorcycling roots’ allure, and readers may discover a small number of photos, commentaries, and stories surrounding the subculture’s sections that are most intriguing.

Whether you are a lover of cafe racers, choppers, scramblers, or bone-stock bicycles, Custom Bike Life is a refreshing escape in the specialized magazines and books surrounding the two-wheeled moderate, opting rather for a more instinctive, simplified take on fire, productivity, and neighborhood. There is even protection of high-profile motorcycling events such as Wheels & Waves, Pure & Crafted, in addition to many other people, providing a behind-the-scenes experience.

Best for Nature Lovers: Overview: A New Perspective of Earth Hardcover from Benjamin Grant

Benjamin Grant’s”Overview: A New Perspective of Earth” is a hauntingly beautiful to look in our homeworld from high above. In a time when enjoying and caring for the world frequently make headlines, the novel of Grant reminds us how magnificent and delicate our house is.

Over 200 satellite pictures that are breathtaking fill the pages, depicting everything into rain forests that are deforested. It is an awe-inspiring ode to Earth along with a real test of human influence on Earth. Both humbling and stunning,” Overview: A New Perspective of Earth” is a gorgeous and significant piece for the coffee table.

Best for Beach Bums: Beaches by Gray Malin

Another aerial photography publication, “Beaches” by Gray Malin delivers a look at lively, free-spirited shore life from up above. Each webpage, packed with pictures of waters umbrellas and beach blankets, will motivate you.

From Barcelona to Dubai into Chicago, “Beaches” features over 20 cities’ coastlines, together with hints on where to stay and what to do if you opt to call your travel agent immediately following the reading. The cover can be magnificent, perfect for any beach home or”I wish that this were a shore home” coffee table.

Owners love the inspirational escape it climbs every time and photos. It is a fantastic selection for any traveler and decorator who want to eliminate a bit.


Conventional homes are all cool and all, but in case you had the chance to reside in something a little more”raised,” would not you take pleasure in the chance? In Tree Houses, the fantasy-focused setting of a tree-borne house is not all that farfetched. It’s the standard.

Inside, you will get a better knowledge of the planet’s most lavish and intriguing treehouses, such as those which were conceptualized and built with reputable architects, weekend warriors, or families that have a little bit of expendable time in their hands to make something undeniably exceptional for their kids.

This well-curated assortment of photography and also chronicled processes are certain to jumpstart your creativity and provide you a sense of what it may be like to live out among the world’s canopies.

The Art of Game of Thrones, design’s publication from Season 1 to Season 8.

This publication, from Game of Thrones’s Emmy-winning production designer, Deborah Riley, comprises pages of theories and sketches that became all the areas we been since May, and King’s Landing, Winterfell, Dragonstone. It may be equally as essential as that publication Sam swiped to prove Jon’s claim. And it has more images.

Leonardo from Leonardo: Leonardo da Vinci

This large-scale assortment of the paintings and preparatory drawings of Leonardo da Vinci attracts this artist’s work’s alchemy and wonder into viewers’ laps. Released in 2019 to coincide with the 500th anniversary of Leonardo’s passing, Leonardo by Leonardo includes narratives composed by scholar Martin J. Kemp to accompany every painting and extensive expressions by Leonardo himself.


Virgil Abloh is among the most recognizable names in streetwear’s realm, along with his desire for style is unquenchable. He did not get to where he is by settling for less, particularly far beyond the artistry and clothes.

In his self-titled publication, readers will get a three-in-one evaluation of this designer’s different personas, such as a deep dip into his interdisciplinary clinics, interviews with business mainstays revolving around their perspectives, comprehension, and admiration for Abloh, and more than 1,800 never-before-seen graphics archiving his different influences, collaborations, and projects. If you are searching to step into the head of one of style prominent characters, this is as long as you are likely to get.

Rooms of Their Own

The Bloomsbury team never uttered. Distinguishing them out of their counterparts were their creations -chambers of themes designs items, and color.

This engaging and enchanting novel gives a glimpse to three authors revealing how they contested conventions and in-home.

Jim Marshall: Show Me the Picture

Photographer Jim Marshall seized a creation of change with his pictures of artists from Janis Joplin and Jimi Hendrix to John Coltrane and of civil-rights protesters from the Mississippi Delta. Marshall’s contemporaries showcase in this publication, complete with essays hundreds of photographs.


If you can not go a day without listening to a kind of well-produced music, then you would be considered an audiophile. We are not talking about any garage-recorded tune or album, but also the music industry’s high-fidelity sound style.

Back in Hi-Fi: The Annals Of High-End Audio Design, viewers will find themselves immersed from vinyl culture’s beginnings, it is passing, and resurgence, in addition to the community which surrounds that the replication of high-quality audio. During, well-curated photography around equipment, peripherals, and musicians, can be observed, helping to shed light.

Moving into Mars: Layout for the Earth

If you can not access to Mars (and can not access to London, at which the Design Museum’s display this publication relies on runs till February 2020), it is possible to buy this book. Flip through concepts and prototypes that envision just how we are going to have to construct our houses if we hope to maintain a living, and we could reach the planet, what we will wear on how.

Andy Warhol Illustrated Books 1952-1959 by Andy Warhol

One hesitates to call this just a publication -a”treasure chest” could be more precise. Each person book (you can find just seven included!) This portfolio of illustrations that are whimsical feels just like a glance in the guy canonized because of his silkscreens and post-war pop artwork.

These novels preceded his superstar and functioned as gifts for friends and contacts. Five of those seven are currently visiting publication for the very first time.

On Flowers: Lessons From an Accidental Florist by Amy Merrick

Like every decent wineries’ publication, this one tells you how you can attain color harmonies, variegated textures, and balanced structures; exactly what sets this novel apart is Amy Merrick’s prose itself, which-such as a leading floral arrangement-overflows with love and insouciance.

What to love? The quippy information like”Do not pluck blossoms from public parks. Do irritate the landscaper that will provide you with trimmings that could otherwise have chucked”.

Bauhaus Ballet

This beautiful pop-up publication inspired by Bauhaus artist Oskar Schlemmer’s Triadic Ballet (which originated in 1922) is for kids, but also the geometric examples and newspaper cutouts, by Lesley Barnes, along with the vibrant text, by Gabby Dawnay, will interest anyone interested in color, layout, and motion. It is interactive.

The Dogist Encounters with 1,000 Dogs Hardcover

If you’d like a coffee table book which will make you smile every time you take a look at it, then”The Dogist” by Elias Weiss is the publication for you. Filled with photos by its Instagram celebrity writer,” The Dogist” features portraits that provide a tiny glimpse into a specific puppy’s lifestyle.

From bulldogs to Labradors, what we love about our canine companions is captured by Weiss. While there is not a whole lot of stuff in”The Dogist,” that is OK – it is a book to lift your spirits the next time you buy the”Sunday scaries” or come home from a too-long afternoon on the job.


We are rounding out our listing From the Golden Age. Does this publication gloriously exemplify the background of a few of the world’s most prominent comedian businesses, but in addition, it provides readers an in-depth look in the histories and conceptualization processes behind most of their favorite characters, including The unbelievable Hulk, Iron Man, Spider-Man, the Avengers, and Thor.

If you are a lover of the world revolving around all Marvel’s most prominent characters, then you will locate TASCHEN’s”magnum opus” is the great coffee-table publication to get dropped in through these laid-back afternoons.

Our Interference Times: A Visual Record

A collaboration between celebrity and former R.E.M. frontman Michael Stipe and artist and writer Douglas Coupland, this experimental publication brings from Stipe’s private pictures and photography to explore the intersection between the authors describe as the analog and the digital. It is an abstract concept exemplified through screenshots of patterns and pictures.

Eden Revisited: A Garden in Northern Morocco by Ngoc Minh Ngo and Umberto Pasti

Transport yourself to a Moroccan garden by horticulturist Umberto Pasti and the writer. Blooms rescued from local construction sites get new life in Pasti’s verdant backyard, “Rohana”, which thrives in the arid climate only 40 kilometers south of bustling Tangier.

Framed himself and photographed by Ngoc Minh Ngo, this publication does not just record but will inspire anybody.

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