Best Juicers For Leafy Greens Review 2020: Top 1 Aicok AMR521

Best Juicers For Leafy Greens Review 2020

The best juicer for greens would be those which can cause cold press juice from a couple of spinach leaves. Or some small skinny little leafy item under the sun that’s edible and that you are considering producing an extract from.

Unlike apples or carrots, these paperlike leaves are, in reality, rather stiff to juice! You will need a powerful masticator, a juicer that may press the thinnest items, and make enzymes and vitamin-loaded juices without stirring the entire area up. Let Fika show you the Best Juicers For Leafy Greens Review 2020 in this guide. 

What’s Leafy Greens Juice?

While fruit juices are always popular, green veggies have turned into a new, widespread fixing for die-hard juicers. I understand what you are thinking: how does a fluid produced from kale taste great?

You would be amazed. Should you add a couple of ingredients to enliven your greens juice, you will be slurping a tasty glass of this leafiest greens imaginable and enjoying it!

Leafy greens juice is mostly processed out of green veggies like spinach or kale.

While leafy greens juice may include fruit and vice versa, a genuine greens juice chiefly uses leafy greens because of its ingredients. Not many leafy greens could be juiced, nevertheless. A number of them are better for juicing compared to many others.

Why Do You Require a Juicer for Green Vegetables?

Anyone who appreciates nutrition and healthier eating would gain from buying a juicer. Food is the trick to general health and wellness, and of course, living to a ripe old age.

If you have a hectic lifestyle, it is tough for you to fit in cooking and prepare healthy meals. A juicer is an excellent method to package in a burst of nourishment in the morning before you go on daily.

You may need to consume an unbelievable number of vegetables every day to find all the nutrition offered in a single cup of juice.

Purchasing a juicer provides you access to a wide variety of nourishment, which would otherwise be near impossible to acquire. Everybody can benefit from buying a juicer.

Why Do You Require a Juicer for Green Vegetables

Best Juicers For Leafy Greens Review 2020

1. Aicok AMR521 Leafy Greens Juicer

The Aicok AMR521 Juicer has slow grinding with 80 RPM to decrease friction and heat. This masticating juicer includes a 150-watt motor and a seven-segment spiral method for minor oxidation and maximum juice extraction. Its purpose is to separate the juice, permitting it to extract the nutrients in the fruits and veggies and leaving pulp.

It is simple to wash, and all of the inner parts are BPA-free and dishwasher safe. This juicer is also a lightweight version. The sound level runs at under 60 decibels for smoother operation.

One problem with this particular model is that replacement parts are inaccessible. The newest do but provide a two-year guarantee. Even though disassembly is a cinch, it is going to require some skill to reassemble.

With a reasonable price, silent operation, and ease of usage, our broad selection for the very best juicer for leafy greens for the cost can be our broad selection.


  • Cheap
  • Quiet
  • Simple to wash
  • Simple to Use
  • BPA-free plastic
  • Two-year guarantee


  • No replacement components
  • Requires skill to disassemble

Aicok AMR521 Leafy Greens Juicer

2. Omega Juice Extractor J8006

The Omega J8006 is a great masticating juicer whose strong motor yields a high quantity of juice in a little bit of time.

The juicer, working at a low 80 RPM rate, is ideal for greens since it creates hardly any heat and does not irritate the juice.

Using a built-in pulp-ejection attribute, this Omega juicing system permits you to always juice without stopping and removing the pulp.

This is an excellent alternative if you use plenty of green veggies in your juice.

Among the most outstanding features of this juicer is its flexibility. Once it excels in leafy greens, you may even use it to make nut butter extruder pasta, grind spices and coffee, and make baby food.

This juicer is a powerhouse machine that may offer you a refreshing and flavorful cup of greens juice and earn a frozen sorbet.


  • Low RPM
  • High juice yield
  • GE Ultem Auger
  • Automated pulp-ejection
  • 15-year guarantee
  • Cheap
  • Versatile uses (nut butter, grinding coffee, etc.. )


  • Louder than other masticating juicers
  • The plastic may break because of less than perfect design

3. Omega J8006 Nutrition Center Juicer

The J8006 is a veteran from the cold press juicing globe. It’s been available more than the NC900HDC and does not have all of the fine features (big feeding chute, multiple configurations ) the new model owns. That isn’t any deal-breaker to most juice lovers, because you can tell in the consumer testimonials; it is much more economical after all!

The monster juices just about anything. Apples, celery, carrots, ginger, and the greens. Unlike centrifugal juicers that mostly work with soft and hard fruits, you may use this masticating juicer for leafy greens such as spinach, celery, and leaves as fibrous as wheatgrass.

The juice that this magical machine extract is thick with nourishment and soluble fiber will nourish your system. On the flip side, it generates virtually no froth or foam. This is due to its low rate juicing engine (80 RPMs), which produces very little heat (thus the title of cold-pressed juicer) and reduces the oxidation of these nutrients from the juice.

In case you’ve ever used a fair juicer, I think you’ve at least once in your life, looked in the moist pulp which arrives and felt as though you might have made a different glass of juice from it.

That will not be true with all the J8006. After moving through a grinder and an auger, the pulp comes out of this Omega juicer exceptionally dry. You can then be sure you’ve made the most of the pricey organic fruits without wasting any valuable vitamins or other nutritional supplements.


  • A dual-stage juicing system conserves nutrients.
  • Produces Excellent high juice, remaining dry pulp
  • Juice may be stored for 72 hours.
  • Juices soft and hard fruits in Addition to leafy greens
  • Grinds nuts, coffee beans
  • Chops and minces, spices and meals


  • Can not handle large pieces
  • Vinyl display

Omega J8006 Nutrition Center Juicer

4. Mueller Austria Juicer

The Mueller Austria MU-UJ-1 Ultra Juicer spins at 60 RPM to Permit for dryer pulp. This masticating extractor includes 150 power watts and also a broader feed chute compared to several different versions.

The anti-drop layout helps with simple cleanup and no interruptions on the countertops. It is an easy-to-use system using a silent operation and a security detector, ensuring the juicer will not function until all pieces are correctly set up.

This brand delivers a two-year, no-hassle guarantee and will comprise two extra years if you register your product directly with the producer.

This version is efficiently priced, but one hindrance is the cleaning issue. The pulp chute clogs and meals could get caught beneath the jar, which requires additional time to clean while cleaning.

If you are on a strict budget and a newcomer juicer, this might be a fantastic alternative if you don’t mind the excess cleaning time. This dilemma keeps our runner-up from the top place, however.

Considering the cost, performance, being fabricated in Germany, and being put through the paces of professional-grade reviews, this selection is our choice for the best value.


  • Affordable cost
  • Two-year guarantee
  • Broad feed chute
  • Simple to Use


  • Clogging issue
  • Difficult to clean

Mueller Austria Juicer

5. Tribest Greenstar Juicer

The Tribest GSE-5050 Greenstar Elite works at 110 RPM and contains a 200-watt motor. This masticating extractor also includes stainless steel twin gears to handle hard produce. The two bags collectively create cutting points to rip through stringy produce to stop clogging.

This version comprises four displays and a pressure adjustment mechanism to restrain pulp ejection. On another note, it may accept attachments to expand its applications, like having the ability to make pasta. It is a powerful machine that could handle almost anything you put inside, such as nuts for nut butter.

Even though this is a powerful machine, it includes a firm price. Users show that the cleaning process is lengthy. If you are a daily consumer, this may get annoying.

Even though it consists of a carrying handle, it is a nearly 20-pound version, and maneuverability might be cumbersome for several users. For the chrome version, proceed with caution, since the metallic coating may start to flake off over time.

This brand offers the most extended guarantee of 12 decades. For its heavy-duty performance and cost, this is our superior option.


  • Twin gears
  • Several displays
  • Pulp ejection control
  • Versatility
  • 12-year guarantee


  • Expensive
  • Heavy


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