Best POS System For Coffee Shop: Top Full Guide 2020

Best POS System For Coffee Shop

Employing a fantastic coffee store POS system might help accomplish these goals by letting you effectively deal with the counter, monitor inventory, and also have a summary of your coffee store’s general functionality.

The coffee shop sector is hot right now, using a market valuation of over $45 billion and the expected annual growth rate of almost 3 percent during the upcoming few decades.

Contributing factors to this growth include “hyper-professionalism” and “operational excellence,” either of which may be bolstered by a coffee store POS. FIKA will show you the Best Pos System For Coffee Shop in this guide.

What to Look for in a Coffee Shop POS

Running a java store is different from other food service companies in terms of everything you will need from the POS systems. Broadly, the perfect coffee store POS process is one that prioritizes simplicity and speed. In the end, you would like to be able to support as many clients as possible to optimize your profits. With that in mind, Here’s What you Want to Search for in your java store POS system:

Ease of Use

With a simple to use POS system means retailers can discover what they need quickly and process payments fast. So your POS system ought to have a slick and contemporary interface. Additionally, it helps to get popular things (such as coffee!) On the home screen for one-tap checkout, and pop-up alarms when stock is running low or an order is about to be served.

What to Look for in a Coffee Shop POS

Payment Processing

Sixty-four percent of Americans drink a minimum of one cup of coffee daily. [2] Meaning there’s not anyone specific kind of coffee shop client. When you’ve got a company that appeals to a broad spectrum of clientele, you want to provide as much variety as possible, particularly regarding payment choices. For that reason, your POS system must take all of the different procedures of credit card payment, such as magstripe, EMV (chip card), and electronic wallets such as Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Inventory Management

Coffee shops typically have relatively smallish menus, which means stock can operate low in a rush. To combat this problem, ensure that your POS system has resources to keep track of your stock levels and alert you if anyone is running low. It is an additional bonus if it’s possible to place purchase orders straight from the POS.

Customer Relationship Management

If you attempt to make the most”friendly local coffee shop,” it helps to get tools to handle customer relationships. Your POS ought to have the ability to keep the names and contact info of your clients in its database. It should also provide you with the choice to make a loyalty program or offer gift cards to benefit clients who frequent your enterprise.


The final bit of this coffee store POS system mystery is a POS system that provides powerful reporting and analytics applications. Having reports offering you many different insights into your company’s performance can help you make smarter decisions about stock, staffing, and much more. Your POS system will create reports which are simple to read and comprehend, and that may be retrieved from the POS or a desktop or mobile program.

Loyalty Rewards

Did coffee stores create the gift card flourish? Perhaps not. However, when you listen to the term, you probably consider that omnipresent green-logoed java behemoth in the Northwest. Possessing a robust rewards program with gift card performance is an excellent incentive to maintain customers picking your store rather than giving their habit to the many different options in the region. Typically, devotion can be obtained as a paid”additional” and isn’t contained in a POS program’s core feature set.

Small Footprint

Coffee stores are generally located in relatively tiny spaces, and that means you will need a POS that does not occupy too much space in your countertops. Minimalistic iPad and tablet-based POS systems also possess an attractive, contemporary look, which can be important when you would like a stylish aesthetic. If you merely run a little coffee cart, then you might even choose to go awry or perform without paper receipts to get rid of the money drawer or receipt printer. But most tablet computers and iPad-based POS systems are compatible with streamlined printers, cash drawers, and space-saving multipurpose accessories.

Best Pos System For Coffee Shop

1. Lightspeed

Lightspeed is an innovative company that delivers lots of innovative features at an aggressive cost. Lightspeed’s most popular strategy begins at $59/month if billed annually or $69/month if billed monthly, and you’ll probably not need to purchase quite many add-ons if you are running a smaller store that is only getting started.

Lightspeed is extremely simple to learn and prides itself upon the simplicity in which new workers could be trained. The program is extremely portable, allowing workers to take orders from all over the cafe, possibly mitigating lengthy lines. The reporting capabilities are powerful, providing you the ability to monitor sales in real-time in any device with the world wide web.

However, the system’s worker management features are what set it apart. It is possible to change the visibility of workers from the program, which makes them appear or disappear, which can help seasonal businesses or ones where there’s a good deal of turnover.


Permissions are simple to assign, and Lightspeed also supplies an exceptional feature to promote sales. Lightspeed’s inventory management can be robust for the purchase price. Lightspeed can take just about any barcode gift card.

If you elect for the loyalty program, it’s simple to add client information and deliver their earnings history while keeping their reward points. Lightspeed’s offline performance remains somewhat lagging since it could save reports through an outage but can’t process card payments.

In terms of add-ons, the next Lightspeed add-ons begin at $9/month:

  • Customer-facing screen
  • Kitchen screen system
  • Advanced reporting
  • Self-order table menu

Along with also, the Subsequent premium add-ons begin at $30/month:

  • Accounting
  • Loyalty
  • Loyalty app
  • Self-order kiosk
  • Delivery integration
  • Lightspeed delivers in-house, flat-fee payment processing and integrates with different merchant solutions providers.

2. ShopKeep

ShopKeep is among the top-rated point of sale systems. For the owner of a different, little, or mid-sized coffee store, it is a seemingly perfect iPad POS that also functions on Clover hardware. ShopKeep’s pricing is quote-based, and the firm does a fantastic job of not charging you for features you won’t want, which makes these applications tremendously affordable for what you buy.

If you have looked at other programs at ShopKeep’s price range at the ballpark, you will probably be ignored by the depth of its stock management and reporting capacities.

ShopKeep monitors all your stock in real-time, and its cellular program, ShopKeep Pocket, makes it effortless to access and make adjustments on the move.

The reporting feature can be vital and will be able to enable you to see all your best-selling things and understand when they are flying off the shelves. ShopKeep’s loyalty process is top-notch, also.

The program also integrates with Mailchimp’s cheap email marketing program, which permits you to save customer information and send customized promotions and coupons.

Much like Square, ShopKeep’s interface is simple to comprehend, and instruction could be performed at work. You can produce and print orders with only a couple of quick touches, making it effortless to cut through even the most ignorant of dawn rushes.

Along with quick-service, ShopKeep can also be designed to take care of specialty retail, making it well suited for coffee shops that sell some products. ShopKeep’s integration using Clover cellular hardware is also an exceptional advantage, permitting you to do things like accepting mobile obligations and scan products with a multipurpose Clover Flex.


3. Toast POS

Toast POS was made with little cafes and coffee shops in your mind, even though it’s also capable of tackling full-service restaurants. Toast POS features custom pricing choices and includes starter packs starting at $79/month, including cloud-based reporting, menu management, and kitchen operations.

Toast’s Android POS hardware options consist of multiple display sizes, form variables, and color choices. Concerning applications, Toast could be more costly than several other alternatives. Nonetheless, if you require several terminals/devices, then the Android-based hardware is significantly more affordable than an iPad installation.

Toast’s interface is visually attractive, highly intuitive, and super quick. This program enables you to take orders, and process payments from all over the shop are working with a handheld POS for tableside ordering called Toast Go. There is also an alternative for a customer-facing display, which raises tipping.

Toast’s reporting package is extensive, upgrading in real-time and supplying comprehensive breakdowns of a vast array of information points. You might even handle employees readily, assigning permissions using an easy click, and the program features time monitoring. The stock management is every bit as powerful, letting you remain on top of all your inventory levels.

Toast can find a little costly, as most of its innovative features come as add-ons. Loyalty is another $25/month, even though it’s incorporated right into the application and is highly improved. You could even put in an internet ordering function, which’s growing more popular at the coffee shop market.

Be conscious that you’re secured into Toast’s in-house, flat-rate payment processing program. (This could be a fantastic thing or a bad thing, depending on how much you enjoy it.) Gift cards, touchscreen kiosks, and payroll are various additional extras you’ll be able to include. Significantly, Toast also features a number of the industry’s most adequate customer support.

4. Revel

Revel is an innovative iPad POS that’s both exceptionally potent and incredibly fast. Revel has all of the typical cloud POS features you would expect stock and worker management, analytics and reporting, payment processing, and many trendy add-ons that extend the POS’s performance even further.

It is not cheap pricing begins at $99/month using a three-year contract, but it’s powerful core performance in case your needs are relatively basic, and if you pay a little more, you can elect for a month-to-month contract. Revel is equally super customizable and expandable, so in case you’ve got a bigger budget, then you may utilize Revel to perform just about whatever you desire.

Revel includes a proprietary iPad-Ethernet relationship alternative, Revel Ethernet Connect™, making for a quicker and more secure online connection than Wi-Fi.

If your internet connection fails, then Revel’s Always On style enables you to continue to ring up orders and process credit card payments offline. Revel can be employed by retail companies and is acceptable for a company that sells coffee in addition to merchandise.

Revel offers flat-rate in-house payment processing, and this can be Apple Pay-ready. Also, it’s an in-house dedicated support staff if anything goes wrong. But, you might even use Revel having an external merchant account based upon your contract stipulations.

Each Revel account contains 24/7 support, personalized onboarding, and unlimited users. However, with its scaleable, modular design and open API, Revel could be tailored and expanded to satisfy the requirements of almost any company of any size. Some add-ons you may buy for Revel include gift cards, loyalty, online ordering, kiosks, mobile ordering, multi-location direction, and a stock program that lets you use your telephone for a barcode scanner.

5. TouchBistro

TouchBistro is an iPad POS program for restaurants whose worth is only matched by its popularity. Considering a starting price point of $69/month for a single terminal, TouchBistro is the most popular restaurant program around the App Store. All plans include exclusive tableside and quick-service POS features, along with 24/7 customer support and cloud coverage.

TouchBistro is expandable with add-ons, but its center collection of parts is potentially the most comprehensive of all of our listing choices and contains features like floor preparation and raw ingredient monitoring. Overall, TouchBistro is an excellent value if you need a couple of iPad terminals.

Optionally, TouchBistro incorporates with Square for payment processing. Therefore, if you already utilize Square’s processing in your institution but want a POS using additional restaurant-centric features, TouchBistro could be a worthwhile inclusion.

TouchBistro is also noteworthy in it is a mostly locally-installed POS system. Your iPad terminals back up all your information to a Mac computer, which acts as a domain.

But, TouchBistro does possess some cloud features, like reporting. Bear in mind. You will require an online connection to get your payment gateway to process payments. Along with Square, TouchBistro additionally incorporates with TSYS and WorldPay in addition to Chase Paymentech (Canada), Moneris (Canada), Tyro (Australia), and Barclaycard (UK) for payment processing. )

Paid add-ons for TouchBistro comprise:

  • Reservations
  • Loyalty
  • Online ordering integration
  • Kiosk
  • Consumer-facing screen
  • Digital menu board

6. Square

We enjoy Square a lot about here, but not without great reason. If you are small establishment is only getting started, you will especially adore the purchase price. Square’s primary program, known as Square Point of Sale, is free. And Square will throw in a free card reader once you register.

To access Square’s more complex features, you will want to buy a few of its add-ons. But what is cheap, and Square makes it effortless to increase the platform as your company expands.

Square also includes an aggressive and straightforward way to comprehend pricing structure using its processing system: 2.6% $0.10 per in-person card count. Or if you decide on the NFC-capable Square Register hardware (pictured above), then you will find a reduced rate of 2.5% + $0.10.

Otherwise, you can use just about any hardware you desire. Be aware that Square is a third-party processor that utilizes an aggregate merchant account.

Square boasts among the business’s intuitive interfaces with customizable color coding and item images, which make order entrances simple. Square features seamless onscreen tilting performance to boost profits and can take just about any kind of payment available.

The reporting feature is not incredibly strong, but it’s everything you’d probably need for little to mid-sized coffee stores, and the reports are simple to digest and access.

Standard employee direction incorporates free timekeeping, but if you want to have more advanced features, for example, custom permissions, you can get Team Management Plus for $35 a month.

You can digitally run your complete devotion and gift card program for $25 per month too. And should you like to get in the shipping match, Square incorporates a number of the greatest names in shipping, such as Postmates and DoorDash.

If you enjoy Square but want a more innovative option with floor plans, several menus, and innovative modifiers, consider Square for sandwiches, which functions only on iPad and prices $60/month.

7. Upserve

With performance that is perhaps most like Toast’s, Upserve is just another excellent restaurant POS designed especially for foodservice companies, like coffee shops and cafes. Upserve operates on Android and iPads and has an optional handheld device named Upserve Tableside to accumulate payments and orders.

This attribute will not be necessary for easy coffee stores, but it can be an excellent feature to get a bigger cafe with dining support. You can get into the back-office parts online from any apparatus such as Upserve’s live cellular program, and you don’t require a back-office computer/local server.

Much like TouchBistro, Upserve provides many features in its most straightforward bundle, even worker direction, marketing tips, and standing direction that show you of your internet reviews in 1 area. Users particularly like Upserve’s simplicity of use, superb customer assistance, and robust reporting features.


Here are a few of the features you will receive at Upserve’s $59/month center bundle:

  • Guest tendencies
  • Offline mode
  • Training mode
  • Revenue, product, and labor reporting
  • Upserve Marketing
  • Upserve Workforce (employee direction )
  • Reputation management
  • 24/7 US-based Customer Care
  • Live mobile program

Available add-ons include gift cards, online ordering, and automatic inventory management. You will want to subscribe in the $199/month “Pro” level to get into the customizable loyalty program, recipe costing, menu optimization, kitchen screen system, along with other innovative features.

Much like TouchBistro and other restaurant POS software programs, Upserve may get pricey if you use many add-ons but may be very affordable for free coffee shops that don’t require advanced inventory tables management support features.

For payments, you will have to utilize Upserve Payments’ flat-rate in-house payment processing. Upserve provides a valid first-party merchant account and isn’t a third-party aggregator; this leaves for a stable, dependable payment processing.

Bottom Line

Our best cafe POS systems deliver a fantastic core set of features that some cafe or little eatery may use to efficiently and effectively conduct their business. In case you’ve got a specific budget, then Square is an inexpensive choice. ShopKeep is a fantastic selection for cafes that have a retail component and require bar code printing. Upserve has excellent employee and customer management tools. Nevertheless, for most festivals, Toast is the most effective overall cafe POS system.

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