Best Receipt Printer: Top Full Guide 2020

Best Receipt Printer

Should you use a point of sale system in your company, you require a backup printer, and it must be a great one, so you don’t need to replace it within a couple of months. Receipt printers are crucial in any company today only because they resolve the problem of publishing a reception right then and there manually.

Quite simply, these are all helpful instruments for printing, not just purchase receipts but also kitchen orders, credit card slips, and the like, which means they are not something you may do without your company cash-only or entirely operates on Bitcoins. FIKA will show you the Best Receipt Printer in this guide.

Things Consider When Searching For The Best Receipt Printer?

Advanced engineering, improved adoption, and acceptance of POS, and enhanced business competition has led to different receipts printers. What might be the most acceptable for the other company might not be the ideal alternative for you. Throughout the hunt, you Will Need to consider these problems:

Type of Printer: Why is the company suited to having an effect, inkjet, or thermal printer? Thermal printers are famous for their speed and quietness. Although somewhat slow, influence printers are best for wet environments like the kitchen, while inkjet printers produce quality prints (logos, coupons, pictures…) and therefore are best for retail shops and restaurants.

Things Consider When Searching For The Best Receipt Printer

Budget: Effect printers are usually the least expensive and the lightest adopted by thermal printers that require ink or toner and eventually inkjet that’s pretty quick and of high quality.

Compatibility with POS Procedure: It is essential to ensure that the receipt printer can be used with your POS system before making a buy. Also, it must easily connect into the POS system with no a lot of cable clutter.

Best Receipt Printer in 2020

1. Epson ReadyPrint T20 Direct Thermal Printer

Epson requires no introduction, an excellent receipt printer, which costs relatively a little less than their other version on this listing. With compatibility across devices and automated reception cutting-edge, this one is what to do if you would like a high-end thermal receipt printer to get a little less than most other devices in its class.

Given users’ comments with this apparatus and the comparative absence of complaints, there are loads of reasons why this gadget tops our list.


  • Automatically cuts paper
  • Speedy printing
  • Works with a Range of apparatus
  • Inexpensive for a printer of this quality


  • No Bluetooth connection
  • Somewhat thick, so don’t even consider putting it into your pocket
  • Could be Somewhat awkward with specific POS systems

2. Star Micronics TSP100 TSP143iiU Receipt Printer

Here is another fantastic reception printer from Star Micronics, also just like number 4 on this listing, this one has what you will need to be included directly in the box. With assistance from the Android apparatus and Windows, this is very versatile and should not provide you with some hiccups.

And what is impressive is that you may print your logos and coupons too about the receipts, which makes it a fantastic alternative if those abilities are essential for you.


  • Speedy printing
  • Works with most devices
  • Straightforward setup


  • Does not utilize Square Register stand half of the time
  • No power button

3. Epson TM-T88V Thermal Receipt Printer

Epson is an established name in the printer business for a great reason. They provide quality products that will persist for a very long time under the duress of routine usage, and this is no exception.

With quick printing up to 300mm a minute, that is an excellent printer to get when you’re and tired of receipt printers, which take all day to publish an invoice for two things. With a four year guarantee, you can bet this one is going to stand up to anything rigors you place it through.


  • Plug and play performance with many apparatus makes it simple to use
  • Works nicely in extreme retail surroundings
  • Speedy printing
  • Simple to load paper rolls


  • Significantly more expensive than comparable devices
  • Some difficulty in finding Ideal drivers
  • Power distribution has been proven to neglect.

4. Star Micronics TSP143IIU ECO-Friendly Receipt Printer

Suppose you’d like a fantastic all-in-one installation. In that case, this apparatus from Star Micronics provides you only that, and this reception printer automatically cuts the receipts so that you do not provide your clients.

Since each of the drivers has been contained, you can virtually plug this one in. You are good to go a massive relief considering how frequently it happens. It would help if you searched worldwide to install the ideal driver to get your printer to operate.


  • Plug and play performance means no searching for drivers.
  • Super quick printing so that your clients are not waiting
  • You can print files with this item, without installing extra applications.


  • No Bluetooth connection
  • A little on the pricey side

Star Micronics TSP100 TSP143iiU Receipt Printer

5. Smart&Cool SC-5802LD Portable Receipt Printer

If you’d like an excellent little device which you could just put in your pocket and works with Android apparatus, this one is a fantastic choice to check into. Along with having the ability to connect via Bluetooth, it is also possible to use it using USB connections for much more performance but be cautioned it does not work with iOS apparatus. It is unclear if it is going to use a Mac, either.

Therefore, if you would like something small and mobile and utilize Android or Windows, this may be a fantastic alternative.


  • A Bluetooth connection so that it functions with a variety of devices
  • Compatible with Android and Windows
  • Small and portable


  • Does not work with iOS apparatus in Any Way
  • Does not work for internet receipts

Smart&Cool SC-5802LD Portable Receipt Printer

6. Citizen CT-S310II Line Thermal Printer

This gadget is EnergyStar compliant and even offers a newspaper rescue manner if these items disturb you when in the marketplace to get a receipt printer. This printer is nicely made and provides you both serial and USB connections. You may use it with almost any Windows, Mac, although regrettably, it is not compatible with cellular POS installations.

Users have noticed how even after a few years of excessive use, this one still works just like brand new that is excellent if you spend this type of cash on a gadget.


  • Compatible with Windows, Mac, Ubuntu, and Quickbooks
  • EnergyStar compliant and comes with a newspaper saving mode,o it is slightly skinnier compared to other Choices.
  • USB or serial connection
  • Works nicely even after decades of use


  • No Bluetooth connection
  • Doesn’t support mobile devices, so avoid if your POS system is based on an iPad
  • Requires a Citizen POS Shop to function

VIDEO: Citizen CT-S310II Receipt Printer Review

7. EOM-POS Thermal Receipt Printer

If you’re trying to find a receipt printer that works with an assortment of Windows-based POS software, then this one will do very well.

As soon as it is not compatible with cellular operating systems or Mac, it is an excellent device to use consistent methods. It cuts the accounts for you instead of needing to rip them and hammering pulling from the paper roll or dividing your receipts.

In addition to this, a couple of users have noticed that the provider provides excellent customer support and is prepared to give you a hand with any questions, something that can’t be said about a great deal of receipt printer makers.


  • Works with a Wide Selection of Windows POS software
  • Automatically cuts the paper,o you are not yanking on out the roll each time you attempt to start.
  • Excellent Customer Care from the manufacturer


  • It does not work with cellular operating systems, so if you utilize Android or iOS, avert this one.
  • Does not work with Macs or Linux computers
  • Not compatible with some of the popular mobile programs like Square Register or PayPal Here

8. AGPtek Portable Mini Receipt Printer

If you would like to have an incredibly portable version that fits in your pocket and joins iOS, Android, and Windows devices, this is the thing to do. For connecting with cellular devices, you will want a program if you would like to print receipts. For Windows computers, you will want to download a driver and connect it via USB.

This printer’s most crucial benefit is that it is small and portable, making it ideal for applications where space is an issue such as in a cab and the batteries last all day.


  • Small and portable, so you can take the thing on your pocket and then print receipts everywhere (printing receipts without even removing the printer out of your pocket Isn’t recommended)
  • Wide Assortment of supported devices such as Android, iOS, and Windows
  • Support for Bluetooth, USB, and RS-232 relations


  • Cannot be used with a Mac; no support for any edition of iOS older than earlier Android variants than 4.0
  • Requires a dedicated program to publish with Bluetooth, which can be sort of annoying
  • Cannot print receipts out of popular programs like PayPal Here or Square Register

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