Bodum Coffee Maker Reviews 2020 [New]

Bodum Coffee Maker Reviews 2020 [New]

I have seen a lot of coffee makers, but the Bodum Coffee Maker product is worth considering if you take pleasure in the French press fashion.

Here is what you need to know about this product before making a last buying decision.

The various Bodum coffee makers

The various Bodum coffee makers

Bodum Pour Over

I have always shied away from four overs. My parents use a single and swear by it; however, I was not sure it might fit my push-button, automatic coffee maker flavor. Was I wrong, but let us begin with what the Bodum Pour Over seems like first.

Contrary to a typical pour-over glass jug, the Bodum Pour Over is a trendy looking artisan-crafted borosilicate glass carafe with a cork throat cover. This neck cover is fastened by a leather strap that loosens to get rid of the cork cover in the event you would like to. The Bodum Pour Over includes a fine mesh stainless steel filter that you use to add your coffee grinds and a scoop to measure your coffee out.

Since I never actually used a pour, I needed to try several times before I really could perfect for making java in it. Since I like my coffee strong, I included more grinds than advocated. After I tweaked my grinds ratio, I was blown away by just how good the coffee tastes.

Employing a pour to make java will extract coffee flavor, and it is fast too. You pour over the warm water along with your coffee is prepared.

Cleaning the Bodum Pour Over is simple. Simply loosen the rope, take the cork off, and place the glass carafe from the dishwasher. In case you have glass cabinets that showcase your java manufacturers just like I do, I also need to mention how good this one appears on the shelf.

Bodum French Press

I have used a French media more frequently than I have utilized a pour above to be familiar with the Bodum French Press once I put out to check it. The 12 ounces. Bodum French Press looks slick and fashionable, created from heat-resistant borosilicate glass and with chrome accents.

Unlike my French Press, this media includes a three-part stainless steel mesh filter. The three components work on breeding your coffee as you push down, and the final result is a good cup.

It takes approximately 4 minutes to brew coffee in the Bodum French Press. From the minute that you add hot water for your carafe, you want to wait, which is the hardest part. Your grinds will probably have drifted to the surface, and once it’s completed, it is possible to press to extract the java in the grinds slowly.

The same as the pour above, so long as you tweak the number of coffee grinds you use, this is among the finest cups of java you will ever have. I needed to drink the whole bud. It had been so great, though I knew I had some other Bodum coffee makers to test out afterward.

Bodum Bean put the brewed coffee maker

I have never made my brewed coffee. I have undoubtedly drunk my fair share in the summertime, but I have never thought about creating my own till I attempted the Bodum Bean set brewed coffee manufacturer. A 12-cup French media is created from BPA-free plastic except to brew you utilize room temperature or slightly cold water rather than hot. You set the whole carafe to the fridge and allow it to sit for 12 to 24 hours; then, you press on it precisely as you would a regular French Press.

There are just two lids for your Bodum Bean set iced coffee manufacturer, one for your fridge and you for the French Press. You utilize the French Press lid once you are pressing the java, and you use the fridge lid when you are steeping or keeping your brewed coffee.

For my video, I included the water and also the fridge lid, then set the whole coffee maker in the fridge. I let it sit for approximately 14 hours, then took it out and pressed it. I included a small bit of flavor and milk, and I swear it was equally as great as if I’d purchased it from my favorite barista. The 12-cup layout is excellent since it’s possible to keep cold coffee available whenever you desire it.

This summer, I am going to have a jug prepared to press. If you wish to clean out the carafe, all you need to do is put it in the dishwasher, and it is ready to go back again.

Bodum Travel French Press

A French Press at a travel mug? I didn’t think it, but what an excellent idea. The Bodum Travel French Press allows you to brew your coffee, drink it, and keep it warm, precisely the same mug.

The Bodum Travel French Press resembles a regular travel mug, using a silicone grip and spill-resistant lid. If you start it up, you will see the French Press, and like the conventional Bodum French Press, this media allows you to insert your grinds, steep for four minutes, and Press on to show the java.

I adore this French Press. If you are active, you can just throw on your coffee grinds, then put in your warm water, and press until you head out to the day. It is created from vacuum-sealed, double-wall stainless steel so that it retained my coffee hot before I ended it.

It’s possible to place the Bodum Travel French Press from the dishwasher to always prepare for you in the afternoon. Possessing this media in your cabinet provides you the very best of worlds since you can use the conventional French Press when you are not in a hurry and the Bodum Travel French Press for all those rushed mornings.

Features & Advantages Of Bodum

Features & Advantages Of Bodum

Here are the essential highlights of the product in detail.

Number Of Coffee Made

This is only one of the first things I discovered about the Bodum coffee maker. However, a few folks can overlook precisely what the product’s description states. With this particular product, a cup of java is four oz. If you are not knowledgeable about the quantity dimensions, a typical coffee mug is eight to twelve liquid oz.

Therefore, 1 cup within this product is approximately 1/2 to 1/3 of this amount a lot of men and women drink. This is not a problem if you purchase a bigger version of this coffee maker, but it is well worth keeping in mind if you merely wish to brew only servings at any particular time.

Also worth noting is how its whole capacity tags every product. Consequently, you’ll have less liquid than the tag indicates as the coffee grinds themselves take up some space in your pot. Expect to utilize about one rounded tablespoon of coffee grinds for every four ounces of liquid, which adds up fast from the bigger containers.

Coffee Grind

The Bodum coffee maker just functions using a coarse grind. If your grind is too good, you may clog the filter and generate an excessive amount of pressure within the container. That is more significant than many men and women realize in the beginning, and here is why.

If your grind is too coarse, your java might wind up tasting salty, sour, or maybe acidic. This is particularly true when using a French press using a metallic net since everyone the tastes will remain in the beverage instead of being partly absorbed by your filter.

This product does not work past a certain amount of fineness; therefore, in most circumstances, you aim to receive a grind that is only rough enough to prevent flushing the filter, but no longer than that. This could take some experimentation, and it is why brewing a fantastic cup of java can be challenging for novices.

To find out more about this issue, read our guide on coarse-ground coffee.

Metal and Mesh Components

Among the things that set this product apart from many other coffee makers is that it does not demand a paper filter. Rather, the Bodum machine utilizes a durable, reusable metallic net, which you may press down throughout the beverage.

I said this sooner, but the shift from paper to the net makes a real difference for java. Paper is absorbent and may soak up acids, oils, and tastes from the beverage. The alloy used here is tasteless, nevertheless, and repels things instead of consuming them.

On the other hand, I truly enjoy the elastic metallic coil, which goes around the metal plate. This enables it to correct marginally based on making differences in the eyeglasses, making sure a compatible match. It is a wonderful touch, and there is a reason it has become a standard feature with different producers.

Some models of the product have a plastic part around the lid, and also the java will undergo. I don’t enjoy this element since it can slightly alter this coffee’s taste and deform over time.

Stress Problems

Let us take a little time to discuss the most significant flaw in this product’s layout: the inability to take care of too much stress. As seasoned coffee manufacturers, know as French Press functions best when there is virtually no immunity to gradually moving the plunger down and throughout the beverage. In case it becomes difficult to push, something isn’t right.

Typically, you can correct it by opening your French media, stirring your drink a bit, and trying again. But, coffee grinds may be somewhat unpredictable. If something goes from a place or you simply end up pressing too tricky since you are in a rush, you can squirt some coffee directly from the product and your face.

The liquid is superbly challenging to compress. Therefore any French press may produce a high-pressure flow of water in case something else goes wrong. But a proper lid may absorb the pressure and impact without harm, instead of allowing liquids to squirt out.

This would not be just as much of a problem with carbonated beverages, but it is harmful if you are shooting potentially-scalding water from something. This will not be a problem so long as you utilize the Bodum coffee maker, but I think that it’s important that you understand both the good and the bad sides of any product.

Points to Consider Before Purchasing a Bodum Coffee Maker

Points to Consider Before Purchasing a Bodum Coffee Maker

Bodum’s flagship product, the Chambord, is a French press coffee maker. This means it requires somewhat more effort than a conventional drip coffee maker. I can not recommend this product fashion if you are in a rush and need coffee as quickly as you can, but it is worth considering if you have enough time to spare.


This specific version is offered in several sizes (12, 17, 34, and 51 oz.). I love the variety here since not everybody needs a massive glass of java. The selection of colors is excellent, also, as it can assist the coffee manufacturer match in with your general kitchen decoration.


The major body of this Bodum coffee maker is borosilicate glass. This is fundamentally the same substance as glass bakeware, and it is capable of resisting rapid temperature fluctuations without breaking up, but it’s prone to damage if you drop it. However, the metal feet on the exterior provide a little bit of cushioning, which can be a thoughtful touch.

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In case you haven’t attempted a French Press earlier, you might wish to consider it seriously. It’s possible to extract a great deal of taste for this brewing process, and it’s truly the preferred method by professional coffee tasters. The Bodum brand is possibly the pioneer in French Press, and that means you can’t fail if this is the very first French Press. Just remember the brewing process requires just a little longer and is much more hand over than this of an automatic drip coffee maker.

Video: How to Make a Delicious Bodum French Press Coffee

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