Greenstar Juicer Review: Top Full Guide 2020

Greenstar Juicer

The sleekly Made Greenstar Juicer is the new and improved version of Tribest’s GS Collection. This hardy triturating juicer includes much larger, twin conical gears that rotate in 110 RPM, effectively reducing heating production.

Together with a flexible end cap, it crushes, mixes, and squeezes your produce to extract a greater quantity of juice. The complete mastication process gently removes the fluid while maintaining the most significant vitamins and nutrients in the extracted liquid. FIKA will show you more details in this Juicer in this guide.

Why should you purchase a Greenstar juicer?

Green Star juicer gave the best juicing functionality amongst our test applicants.

Fantastic juicing functionality was noted with leafy greens, that’s the most significant Achilles heel of many juicers. Green Star juicer, on the other hand, gave outstanding juice returns for most kinds of greens.

Solidly constructed appliance, the Greenstar juicer includes a 15-year guarantee.

Besides juicing, a multi-purpose appliance may make nut butter, pasta, baby food, and much more.

Bonus accessories to extrude pasta, nut butter, and other items are comprised using the Green Star juicer in the purchase time.

Good significance as the Green Star juicer yields many juices you save produce year annually, includes bonus accessories that you may use to create your homemade meals, again saving costs.

Greenstar Juicer Review: Greenstar Elite GS-5000


  • Compared to earlier versions, the twin equipment unit has been improved in size by including more extraction power.
  • Slow 110 RPM and bio-ceramic technologies to further reduce the speed of oxidation producing exceptional juice quality
  • With 4/1000 clearance, the double equipment unit economically processes vegetables and fruits, leaving an almost dried pulp.
  • BPA Free plastic construction
  • Can process leafy greens, particularly wheatgrass in the Maximum level
  • 72 hours maximal juice shelf life
  • Quiet operation
  • Can juice all Kinds of veggies and fruits
  • Additional works for homogenizing and pasta manufacturing
  • Dishwasher safe parts
  • Continuous juicing with automatic pulp ejection
  • Detachable cord storage
  • Constructed with a handle for Simple transportation


  • The cost is relatively high, but that is far cheaper than Super Angel’s utterly stainless steel juicers.
  • It takes some time to process your juice using double gear juicers at 110 slow RPM.
  • A narrow chute requires chopping your produce to fine bits, which makes your juicing process much slower.
  • Too thick, the complete set weighs nearly 26 pounds. You will need to push your product down the chute with additional effort throughout the feeding chute.

Is it Effortless to Use?

This juicing machine includes a glass collector pitcher rather than a plastic jar, a beautiful touch. It’s straightforward to construct, but something that has to be carefully built is the pair of second gears to prevent damaging them when trying to control them.

Line up the two dots together with the 1 scatter to create a triangle to avoid destroying them. It is possible to use the provided drip tray to stop juices from dripping on the counter.

Prepare your produce until you start to streamline the juicing process. You’ll have to cut larger things, such as apples, to be sure they can match the feed chute. But unlike with single-gear masticating juicers, you won’t have to cut up celery. The twin-gears cut the celery with no fibers wrap them around.

This system will need some effort, particularly when you juice dense produce like carrots. Items like wheatgrass or leafy greens don’t require any help since they’ll be pulled down to the machine. It’s been advocated that people utilize the wooden plunger within the plastic plunger since if the gears unintentionally Nick the wooden plunger, the timber will be ejected together with the pulp.

Is it Effortless to Use (1)

Is it Simple to Wash?

If it comes to cleansing the Greenstar Elite 5000, parts are dishwasher safe and run safely via the dishwasher on the top rack. That said, washing everything in hot soapy water is the most appropriate plan of action.

It requires less than five minutes to wash out the bits by hand. It includes two cleaning brushes, which assist you thoroughly clean the elements.

A great thing about this version is that the brand new O-ring on the equipment casing prevents clogs of juices that there is less mess to contend with. It includes a removable cord. Scrub off the pulp of the juicing screen.

If pulp dissipates on display, it’ll be tricky to eliminate. Wipe the whole foundation wash with a rag. Dry the parts before reassembling it

Juice Quality

Greenstar Elite is a powerful triturating juicer, using twin gears that crush, mix, and media palatable juice of the maximum quality. It’s notorious for extracting the top juice expelling the driest pulp, squeezing every last drop of juice. It impacts the best amount of antioxidants, enzymes, and vitamins.

Furthermore, these vital nutrients undergo minimal harm due to the slow extraction process, which reduces oxidation, accelerating the degradation of this juice. All electrical juicers produce memory. There’ll also be some pulp in the liquid. It is possible to quickly get rid of the pulp and pulp using all the provided sieve.

This juicer is ideal for producing vast amounts for consumption later in the day or up to 72 hours! Just make sure you keep your juice in a tightly sealed container to maintain the fluid optimally.

Is Ginger Ale and Orange Juice Healthy


So, it’s a workhorse of an engine, and it runs about 110rpm. This is a great steady rate for reducing heating production, meaning that the juice will probably survive more than fluid produced out of a quicker juicer. That is because when heating is paid when juicing, the liquid becomes more oxidized.

This process is best described by biting into an apple and leaving it for a while. You are aware that browning that happens? That is oxidation. The 110RPM engine masticates in a rate that reduces this, and thus, more enzymes, enzymes, and goodness is stored in.

The general strength that guides this 100-110RPM engine is 200W, which is quite strong, without being the giant monster in the marketplace. That is the reason it may mash pretty much anything easily and without…………


Yep, you got it. Noise. It may mash pretty much anything easily and also without sound. The sound produced by the juicer while in performance is much more than bearable. It’s positively silent. Honestly, don’t hesitate to juice early in the AM for this, and you won’t hear lots of complaints.

It breezes through its workload efficiently and quickly. Maybe it is a perfect body that masks the majority of the noise within the juicer. We are not entirely sure how it functions, but we won’t whine!


The Tribest Greenstar Elite GSE-5000 includes a 12-year guarantee and can be a solidly built machine, representing Green Star’s assurance it will provide you years of fantastic support.


While the initial cost of juicer is on the higher side if you consider that juice yield for a Greenstar is very high and hence even if you juice just one ingredient over two years, the savings on production costs in itself will payback for the high initial price of the green star juicer. So, what seems high at first will work out much cheaper in just a couple of years due to the savings in production cost.

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