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If you like spending some time in the excellent outside and sitting around a campfire, you need to attempt Cowboy Coffee at least once. Cowboy Coffee is as much a component of this Wild West and American background since saloons, gold panning, and gun shootouts. It seems cool projecting ground coffee into a kettle of boiling water and creating some java precisely the way the cowboys did.

If you would like to understand how to create Cowboy Coffee, I’ll say immediately that there are just two manners. The first method is to earn the java the way that it had been created from the 1800s, which though this can provide you an authentic java as drinking from the Wild West, it is not enjoyable to drink.

Another way would be to simply take the lead of a few of the information we currently have and consume some yummy java the cowboy way. By this, I mean you’re simply using water, a kettle, and ground coffee, but you are going to make sure it tastes terrific.

Why drink cowboy coffee?

Why drink cowboy coffee

In a universe where we could select several dozen different approaches to shoot our coffee, the allure of pouring it in the brewed java pot to a metallic mug right from the flames of a roaring campfire is slightly lost. When you understand exactly how great coffee can taste on earth, could you risk making it another manner than the tried and trusted ways of men and women compensated to boost the brewing process? A reasonable question. And one which many folks will not ever be in a position to respond for themselves for fear of a destroyed coffee break. God forbid.

However, what if cowboy java tasted very great? Yep, I went there!

Imagine if, like the cowboys themselves, most of us became fond of these crude brewing procedures? Even climbed to favor them? Maybe, these complicated and convoluted ways of producing that’ ideal’ cup of Joe is only a ruse by French press makers to fool us into believing we want their latest and best filtering methods just as we want the java itself?

How To Make Cowboy Coffee?

How To Make Cowboy Coffee

Eggshell Method

The clean-sock method is going to be an ideal option for the ones that prefer a cleaner cup of coffee because using it’s going to indicate that you will hardly ever wind up with any java grounds in your cup. And it’s also rather a simple coffee-making technique.

Everything You Will Need?

  • Kettle or coffee pot
  • 1 cup of coffee grounds
  • 4 cups of water
  • A java sock or muslin bag (you may also use a clean, regular sock)

Step-by-step Instructions

Step 1: Insert the water into your pot and bring it to a boil over the stove or campfire.

Step 2: Since the water comes, you need to prepare your sock tote by incorporating the coffee grounds and tie the shirt firmly.

Step 3: Now throw the coffee sock to the pot with the water and then Await a few minutes for the water to come to a boil

Step 4: When the water boils, remove the pot from the fire and put it aside for approximately 5 minutes to allow the coffee to be steep

Step 5: Once steeping You Ought to eliminate the java sock and function your cowboy brew

The Clean-Sock Method

You may need:

  • A heat resistant kettle
  • 3/4 in to 1 cup of ground coffee
  • 4 cups (1 quart) of water.
  • A java sock, a muslin bag, or a routine, but a clean sock.
  • A heating supply.

Step 1 – Boil Your Own Water

This measure is the same as for the recipe over. Bring four cups of water to a boil, and dig a shallow pit to keep your coffee hot.

Step 2 – Ready Your Coffee Bags

As you await the water to boil, then pour your coffee grounds into your sock or tote.

The cloth will function as a filter, such as a DIY tea bag, and retain the reasons for getting into your mug (an unfortunate trait of the majority of cowboy coffee recipes).

Step 3 – Throw It In The Pot

Now your coffee comes to a boil, and you have got your impromptu coffee bag ready to proceed, throw the bag to the pot and wait till it starts to boil.

Step 4 – Eliminate and Revel in!

When the water returns to a boil, remove it from the heat, then – just like in the preceding recipe – allow it to sit and simmer for approximately five minutes.

As soon as your java is done steeping, pour yourself and your campmates some yummy cowboy coffee, and appreciate not needing to choose the grounds from your teeth.


The stirring cowboy coffee system will probably be like other coffee-making methods that lots of men and women use often, and as its name implies, it is going to involve plenty of stirring. But, it’s still a fast and effortless means of earning cowboy coffee.

Everything You Will Need?

  • Coffee pot or pot
  • 3/4 cup coffee grounds
  • 4 cups of water
  • 1/2 cup cold water

Step-by-step Instructions

Step 1: Start by massaging your water over a campfire or stovetop.

Step 2: Remove the water from the heat source when it begins to boil and leave it to cool a bit for at least 30 minutes to the temperature to return to approximately 200 degrees Fahrenheit

Step 3: After the water reaches the ideal temperature, then add your coffee grounds and simmer for a Couple of Seconds and let it sit for some time before stirring and then allow it to boil for a Couple of Minutes

Step 4: After a couple of minutes (at least two minutes) the java will have brewed sufficient, and the grounds depended on the base, and your cowboy coffee will be ready to function

Note: The three approaches above are for creating cowboy java (the drink ) rather than on how to create cowboy java chew. But, cowboy java chew recipes can also be equally simple if much simpler.

What Is Needed to Make Good Cowboy Coffee

What Is Needed to Make Good Cowboy Coffee

The Coffee Beans

Nothing has more of an influence on the outcomes of your brewing attempts than the grade of the coffee beans you’re using. This opinion is summed up well with the term “Garbage in, garbage out.” If you begin with rancid, low-quality legumes, you’re going to wind up getting a subpar beverage regardless of what brewing process you use – cowboy or differently.

To make sure your cowboy coffee tastes the best it is, you have first to buy high-quality coffee beans. For the best results, the coffee needs to be freshly brewed, no longer than 30 days old. You will understand your coffee is fresh if it’s a”roasted on” date clearly labeled on the bag. If you are unsure where to locate such java, the regional specialty coffee store is a fantastic place to get started.

When you are not picky, utilize whatever coffee you usually drink or have available.

Regarding roast fashion, moderate to medium-dark brewed java usually operates best when brewing cowboy java. Lighter roasts will also work but have an inclination to produce slightly sour notes when the grind is not set just perfect.

The Grind

Ideally, you need to keep your java in its whole bean shape before just before brewing to keep it at peak freshness. To achieve this while swimming, you will have to bring a hand-grinder like the GSI Outdoors Coffee Mill.

If you do not need to bother with cranking off before brewing, go right ahead and grind your coffee beforehand. You’ll see a small difference in taste if you pay very close attention, but maybe not sufficient to justify the excess effort of hand-grinding.

The next most important factor following freshness and quality of the coffee beans is your grind size. The size of these coffee grounds influences the speed of extraction throughout the brewing process, together with all the rule of thumb being the bigger the grind, the quicker the java extracts. The faster, the more coffee extracts, the more powerful and sourer the beverage becomes.

To attain the wealthiest and most balanced cup when brewing cowboy coffee, the coffee should be ground slightly coarser than that which you’d use for a regular drip coffee maker or pour-over. To put it differently, grind it precisely as you want when brewing a French prison.

The Dose

The dose, or amount of coffee you use, determines the total strength of the brewed coffee and must be adjusted depending on the whole quantity of brewed coffee needed. After camping, it is a fantastic idea to maintain a typical two-tablespoon java scoop handy. For ordinary power cowboy coffee, take for utilizing just one and a half to 2 scoops per 12-ounce cups of java (standard java cup size).

Play around with various doses of coffee until you discover the power that tastes the best for you and your fellow cyclists.

The Water

Brewed coffee is approximately 99 percent water, so the water you utilize naturally has a massive influence on your final product flavor. Use fresh, filtered water brought with you in powdered or bottles from a nearby river or lake for your ideal cowboy coffee.

As measuring your java dose is essential, measuring the loudness of the water you use. Do not just eyeball it, or you will get inconsistent results. A simple method to measure water is to utilize your coffee grinder. Simply fill your mug up before pouring it in the kettle as many times as required. Understand just how many cups worth of water that you added to be able to quantify out your java dose so.

The Coffee Pot

You have probably noticed those large blue enameled coffee pots perched beneath a campfire. They are the conventional vessels where cowboy coffee is brewed. And if you are serious about brewing your cowboy java in fashion, it is worth some time to pick up one – particularly if you’re planning on brewing coffee for over one individual.

But if you do not have a unique cowboy coffee kettle yet, any bud which may be used to warm water will do the job. That is one of those terrific things about cowboy java – you can adapt the procedure to use all resources you’ve got available. Heck, you might even use a chili could if that is all you have about.

The Heat Source

To go full-cowboy, you have to brew your cowboy java on a well-made campfire. No exceptions. So gather your tinder and kindling and get to perform stoking an excellent small cooking fire.

However, if you are camping in a place that prohibits fires or perhaps you are not awake enough to create a fire before your morning ingestion of coffee, use your camp stove. Don’t hesitate to make cowboy coffee in your home in your kitchen stove too. The particular heat supply you use does not matter as long as it could bring water to a boil.

Stirring Spoon

Aside from the bud, the only other tool you want to create cowboy coffee is a spoon or something to stir the java slurry. If you can not find your spoon, then use the closest stick.


In regards to cowboy java, timing is everything. Over steeping the java, for 30 minutes, may mean the difference between a sweet, balanced cup of pleasure and undrinkable bitter sludge. So the final bit of kit you are going to need is a timer or stopwatch. In case you’ve got your iPhone with you, then use the timer program.


Just as we might adore the super-sophisticated coffee accessible for us today, occasionally, there’s no substitute for the basic things. The impetus to go into the forests in the first place requires the demand for increased simplicity typically. However, this driveway to get away desire not to leave us our java.

Cowboy coffee is probably the easiest method and the very tried and true way of brewing coffee in the forests, in the desert, on an island where you have discovered yourself from the sound of modern life.

The cowboys lived it tough, but they learned to maintain the items that mattered. A well-brewed cup of java got them moving in the morning and heated the entire body when they had been on the paths. The folks of old learned to do so correctly, and their approaches persist since they function.

Whether you anticipate creating cowboy coffee in the backwoods or only wish to try it within a backyard fire, then the strategies for brewing cowboy java presented here will get the job done very well. Experiment to get the one that is appropriate for you. The only real step of coffee is the way you enjoy it!

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