How To Use A French Press Coffee Maker – The Best Method in 2020

How To Use A French Press Coffee Maker - The Best Method in 2020

How To Use A French Press Coffee Maker? Fikanyc provides you the best way to use this machine.

French press coffee is not flashy. It is not predicated on cutting-edge technologies or pricey gadgets. On the contrary, it’s the frequently overlooked classic that continues to provide incredible results brew after brew, year in, year out.

If you love the ease and amazing tastes that guide brew coffee supplies, the French press is an excellent choice to keep from the toolkit. It’s a full-immersion method that is easy for novices to pick up. Nonetheless, it’s likewise well-suited to the java craftsperson who wants quality.

In the fundamentals, the media is a cylinder with a plunger. The base of the plunger (or even the piston) is a nice mesh that compels down coffee grounds while enabling liquid (now full of the oils and expressed flavors we crave) to flow freely.

Although it’s essential, however, the French press grants you a great deal of freedom. You’ve got control over the brew time, grind size water to java ratio. Therefore, if you want to experiment without worrying so much about the procedure, the French press allows for a lot of experimentation.

Additionally, it appears to be among the most relaxing and pleasing brewing procedures. You feel more in command than using a drip coffee, but you do not need to concentrate so much since you do when creating a pour-over. The French press is ideal for relaxes mornings or afternoons if you desire to have a fantastic cup without a whole lot of work.

If you would rather the cleanest, lightest java encounter, then you may not be thrilled with all the French press. (Attempt a pour-over rather.) But if you enjoy a bold, strong cup that’s rich and viscous, then the French press maybe your new companion.

And, unlike any brewing techniques that call for a great deal of equipment, this new best buddy is a fairly cheap date.

French Press vs. Drip Coffee Makers

French Press vs. Drip Coffee Makers

Standard coffee manufacturers, such as your Mr. Coffee, are”trickle” brewers. They operate by heating water to near boiling and routing the vapor into a drip region, dividing water over coffee grounds. The final brew filters into a pitcher over a heating plate. Based upon the machine’s caliber, your coffee can taste delicious or somewhat neater, but the way is hands-off and suitable.

By comparison, French press coffee is generally powerful, using a rich, earthy odor. A French press does not require power or disposable filters to boil, only hot water and coffee grounds. The reasons steep right in hot water and are subsequently filtered out whenever the user presses down the plunger. A French press is probably the 2nd most hands-off brewing process, following drip.

How To Use A French Press Coffee Maker?

How To Use A French Press Coffee Maker


What’s so good about having a French Press is that it is really simple to generate a fantastic coffee that it’s nearly too best to trust. So, the way you can do it? Allow me to give you my overall recipe about exactly what you ought to do.

  • French Press – LOL
  • Fresh Whole Bean Coffee
  • Burr Grinder
  • Kettle
  • Timer
  • Scale

Step by Step Guide: Brewing using a French Press

Preheat the French Press

This can be overlooked but significant step for any immersion or pour-over brewing approach. It’s done simply by adding hot water into the media and moving it around a bit. Once you do this, discard this water.

Weigh Your Coffee

Now use a ratio of 15 to 1 (water to java ) to quantify how much coffee you desire. I usually use 20 g of coffee along with 300 g of water. It is possible to change this to 16 or 17 to a based upon your taste.

Grind Your Coffee

When you’ve got that quantified out, catch your burr grinder and set it in a rough setting. Now place your java in and grind off.

Quantity Out and Heat Water

Now you might choose to begin heating your water in your pot and permit the temperature to reach between 195 to 205 F or whether you have a temperature estimate, allow the kettle to sit 30 minutes after it starts to boil.

Tare Your Scale

Pull your scale-out and set your French Press onto it and tare the scale that it states zero. After this is done, pour on your floor coffee and confirm that says 20g (within this example)… After that is completed, take again; thus, it’s zero.

While you’re waiting for the water to get to the proper temperature, get out your timer, and flip it on.

As soon as your water reaches the ideal temperature, start your timer and pour it into 60 g of water. If your java is fresh, you will see what they call “the blossom.” Allow it to sit for 30 minutes then pour into the rest of the water till you reach 300 g of water.

Place the Lid On and Wait

Set the plunger in your French media Carafe; however, don’t dip and allow the coffee brew till you reach 4 minutes.

Press the Plunger

At 4 minutes, press on the French press plunger slowly and softly. Adhere to the burden of the hands when pressing to get the best results.

Pour Coffee into Another Container

As soon as you do this, do not let it sit at the French Press since it’ll continue to boil, besides you would like to drink today anyway, do not you? So allow it decant in a different container or pour it into your favorite coffee mug and revel in!

French Press Tips

French Press Tips

Grind Size

While the French press is a little more forgiving than several other procedures, it’s still important to receive your grind right. Because the is an immersion system, you use a coarse grind, secure with the understanding that the entire coffee will be in touch with warm water.

You also don’t need a grind that is too nice because it can cause your coffee to move out of a viscous texture to a muddy texture. It is also going to cause over-extraction.

Thus, you wish to go to get a grind at the kosher salt into the breadcrumb range. Plus, you would like it to be consistent so that you do not have a lot of reasonable grounds hiding along with your nearest and dearest.

Water Temperature

Like most brewing procedures, we need our water temperature close to boiling. But because the coffee will stay in touch with the water for such a long time, not running through it enjoy it many different procedures, we would like to be careful not to go too sexy.

Between 200 and 205 degrees, Fahrenheit is usually a fantastic target. This typically means that you may bring the water to a boil, grind, and measure your coffee. Approximately 30 seconds to a minute should bring down the temperature enough to save you from scalding the java.

Coffee to Water Ratio

Immersion methods often involve more java than others. As I mentioned before, 1:15 is a fantastic beginning for the proportions of water to java.

If you want a stronger brew, then you can go lower. But I would not recommend much lower than 1:12. Additionally, remember your press has so much space in the base below your piston.

Brew Time

Considering that the French press strategy is rather straightforward, you would like to k closely at the few actions, and viewing the timer is a significant one.

First, you need to be sure to break the crust directly around the very first-minute mark. This way, all your coffee grounds will soon be immersed in the water following the blossom.

If you do not need this measure before stirring, you will probably wind up with a few under-extracted grounds on the top.

One nice thing about Frthe Frenchress is you can play a little with all the brew time. This is very true when you experiment with all the grind size. For presses that use paper filters, then you can eliminate a finer grind and also a shorter brew time.

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If you would like to acquire hands-on along with your coffee brewing; however, you do not wish to learn a complex brewing method such as pour-over, the French press is your time-honored alternate.

For inspiration about the finest French press coffee makers, could you look at our guide only here?

Among the essential attractions of employing a timeless carafe is how you’re able to afford coffee just like you would buy in the coffee shop without raising a finger and without needing any costly machinery to reach it. Return to basics!

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