Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee Review 2020 [New]

Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee Review 2020 [New]

If you prefer smooth coffee with great tastes, you will likely enjoy Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee. It’s a global reputation for excellence using a price tag to match.

However, is it hype, or does that mysterious bean fulfill its expectations? And should you find somehow can it be best appreciated? If you have purchased some earlier, are you falling prey to the blue mountain scam, which 80 percent of unsuspecting consumers drop for buying it?

This guide will answer all of your queries regarding Blue Mountain coffee.

What’s Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee?

Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee premiered in 1728 is consistently among the most excellent priced coffee globally and considered by many to be the best coffee on earth. The java generally has a very smooth flavor with almost no sour coffee tastes. The coffee is occasionally sweet and nutty with hints of cocoa, spice box, and heavy fried tones.

The java is primarily harvested in the parishes of St. Andrew, St. Thomas, Portland, St. Mary. The java can only be known as Jamaican Blue Mountain if it’s grown at elevations between 910 meters and 1,700 meters in altitude. Coffee grown at lower elevations in Jamaica is known as Jamaica High Mountain or Jamaican Supreme.

What Does Blue Mountain coffee Taste Like?

What Does Blue Mountain coffee Taste Like

Jamaica’s tropical climate provides sunlight and water, which perfect for coffee plantations. This ideal combination is not found in several areas on the planet, precisely what makes Blue Mountain among the world’s finest tasting coffees.

The smooth, refreshing flavor of Blue Mountain coffee has turned into a global reputation for excellence. It’s not unusual to hear that blue-mountain beans are on a java lover’s bucket checklist.

Anticipate these tastes:

  • Mild, polished taste.
  • Smooth but lively acidity.
  • Clean flavor with very little bitterness.
  • Aroma: Sweet herbs and florals, with overtones of nuts.

How Much Caffeine Is In Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee?

How Much Caffeine Is In Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee

For many cups of java, it comes to the sort of coffee and brewing techniques that determine quantities of caffeine. The average coffee cup includes 133 mg per 8 fluid ounces of water; this fluctuates on the bean grade and developing conditions.

Jamaican blue mountain coffee fluctuates between 80 – 135 mg per 8 oz; this does alter based on ground conditions and elevation where the coffee beans are grown in.

The packaging

The packaging was quite trendy. The coffee bag came in a burlap bag, which seemed just like a mini version of the bags of green coffee beans arrives in.

About that burlap, there was a cardboard manufacturer sleeve which told you where the coffee was how it had been roasted, and just how much was inside.

The bag containing the java itself did not possess an off-gassing valve or re-sealable anything or strip. That could pose a few problems, but I drank it quickly that it did not matter.

Things to Be Aware of While Purchasing Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee

Things to Be Aware of While Purchasing Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee

By now, we’ve said the Coffee Industry Board of Jamaica several times. The body implements and modulates strict regulations of developing Jamaican Blue java beans in the area. However, it does not stop there. This company is responsible for awarding the coveted Jamaica Blue Mountain certificate to all java beans that meet the standards. Just then, the various vendors proceed with exporting these beans.

Examine the Certification

Whenever you are going to invest your hard-earned cash on among the most expensive coffees globally, ensure the Coffee Industry Board of Jamaica assesses the brand you’re purchasing because of its credibility and quality.

It’s vital since the board does not blindly certify exported java beans to maintain the sought after the name of Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee. From the look to the odor, and from expansion conditions to taste notes, it assesses every detail before letting a java undergo the export process.

Bearing this in mind, keep an eye out for the explicit statement that defines the java you’re going to purchase is certified from the plank. This ought to be the first thing you’re searching for when determining where to obtain Jamaican Blue java.

Check the Label

As explained above, some terrible players in the market sell lower tier Jamaican Mountain java on the pretense of this being Jamaican Blue java. That is why you have to be quite specific on assessing the label of this java states something along the lines of Jamaican Blue Coffee or Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee.

If you observe the packaging or the product description singing praises of this java and swearing its source as Blue Mountain, although not placing it on the tag, there is something fishy. That is when you need to search for your Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee everywhere.

Another similar example is if you pay a top price to get a Jamaican coffee mix, which isn’t 100% first Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee. You ought to steer clear of such brands if you would like to enjoy Jamaican Blue in its purest form.

Just Purchase Whole Coffee Beans

Among the worst things you could do is to purchase Jamaican Blue java in the kind of coffee grounds. Consider it. You’re buying one of the most expensive coffees in the world, and you’re spending to receive it in the kind of coffee grounds that are scientifically prone to lose their taste with oxidation. That is comparable to throwing your money down the drain, and some other coffee enthusiasts could readily call it a crime from the top coffee on earth.

Even when java is packed in airtight substance, it may be impacted by oxidation as soon as you start the packaging. Airtight containers may just do this much, and using java as pricey as Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee, carrying the danger is not worth it.

But besides exposing your java to go rancid with time, purchasing floor Jamaican Blue java leaves you prone to dangers. As you’ve already eliminated the variable of look by selecting floor coffee, you can’t tell the difference between genuine Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee and yet another mountain java as correctly as possible whenever you’re comparing entire coffee beans.

Bearing this in mind, ensure you are always picking whole coffee beans regarding purchasing among the most expensive coffees in the world.

Buy a Small Quantity

Even once you find a place that provides you certified, clearly labeled, and whole bean Jamaican Blue java, it’s advisable not to go out and invest your cash on a large bag of it. Finding where to acquire Jamaican Blue java is merely a step from locating a seller you could trust. It’s not the last stop by anyway.

Working with this thought process makes it a point to dictate only the smallest amount of Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee that you could locate with your preferred brand. This makes sure that you’re not gambling with your cash all at one time. As soon as you get the package, you can test its validity and flavor together with the simple fact that you want it. From that point, it is simple to purchase your Jamaican Blue at a number that you need.

Get it Checked out of a Professional

Even once you’ve made sure that every variable check from your preferred vendor, obtaining another opinion once you get your Jamaican Blue java does not hurt, in the end, purchasing among the most expensive coffees in the world is not a small endeavor. Making sure you have completed it correctly is just sensible.

Here, you can ask the view of almost any coffee connoisseur who has previous experience in tasting Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee, making them a refreshing brew out of the coffee beans you’ve purchased. This will make sure you’ve made the ideal choice and purchased 100% genuine coffee for the money. This is an added step. But in case you haven’t ever tasted Jamaican Blue java before, and that is the first rodeo, then that can be crucial in cleaning your coffee identification abilities.

After all, the worst thing that may happen is getting the solution about the coffee not as original as you believed. But in the long term, it would prevent you from making the identical mistake again. It would also help you find an authentic seller all by the next time you’re seeking to purchase Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee.

How Much Can Be Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee?

You’ll be spending anywhere between $50 – $120 for 16 oz of Jamaican blue mountain coffee, varying between supermarket to single function Candles -cups, including 4 options of whole beans, floor, French press (coarse ground), or espresso grind (very nice grind).

When it’s your very first time tasting Jamaican blue mountain coffee, I suggest giving a sample pack a go; this comprises 3 – 6 ounces brand samplers for $70 US. Including Arthur McGowan peaberry by trumpet tree, farmstead property, and Clydesdale.

Looking to attempt blue mountain coffee for the first time, it can be tough to choose what brand or tastes, particularly if you’ve never tried them earlier. We advocate purchasing a sampler package straight from Blue Mountain Coffee.

Another alternative is buying green beans and leaves them yourself; this process will require more time but may only charge $40 for 16 ounces. We urge Gas Burner Coffee Roasting Machine, made for roasting between 200-300 g per batch and the 5-star reviews on Amazon.

Grocery stores often charge the most as purchasing Costco or Amazon will cost you on average $120 a 16 ounce. If you are trying to purchase in bulk 5 pounds will price $234.00

Where Can I Purchase 100% Jamaican Blue Mountain?

Where Can I Purchase 100% Jamaican Blue Mountain

Many individuals wish to purchase Blue Mountain, but they are not sure where they could get it.

The most obvious answer is to pay a visit to Jamaica. If you are anything like me, you don’t have that sort of money to throw around!

Apart from that, we recommend Volcanica Coffee Company.

They are legit, but they don’t roast the beans before you put in the arrangement, so it is the lightest available. If you would like to receive 100% accredited Blue Mountain coffee each moment, check them out!

Remember, many others claim they market Blue Mountain, but buying from an unauthorized location can lead to you getting ripped off.

That is the last thing that you would like to occur, particularly because this coffee is not affordable! Because this is a fairly significant problem, we will chat about everything you could do to avoid this from occurring!

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee overly costly?

The brief response – supply and need. There’s a lack of supply and higher demand.

The supply is brief since there’s just so much space on the Blue Mountains in Jamaica.

What exactly does Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee taste like?

True Blue Mountain coffee displays a bright and lively, however smooth acidity, with almost no bitterness.

Is Blue Mountain Coffee arabica?

All Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee is increased from the Arabica species of java.


If you are thinking about buying Jamaican blue mountain coffee if it is entire beans pre-ground or k-cups there’s an alternative for you. Both from a merchant or directly in Jamaican blue mountain coffee.

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