Ninja IQ Blender Review: Top Full Guide 2020

Ninja IQ Blender Review

The Nutri Ninja Duo with Auto-IQ takes the guesswork out of preparing tasty smoothies and beverages. The blender has generated quite a buzz since the version was launched a couple of years back. This can be either a blender and a food processor plus a strong one too.

The features you’ll find here competition top-end models, and still, the cost is cheap. The accession of Auto-IQ Technology makes it better. Let FIKA  show you more detail about this Blender in Ninja IQ Blender Review. 

The blender is designed and extracts nutrients economically. There are five different preset Auto-IQ programs, three manual configurations, and Complete Crushing Technology, which give all choices you want to puree, mix, produce smoothies, and much more. As a result of the 1,500-watt, 2HP engine, it’s 2.5 times stronger than your standard extractor or blender, which means that you can easily extract concealed nutrients from fruits and vegetables.

The Nutri Ninja Ninja Blender Duo with Auto-IQ is among those top-selling blenders in Amazon. It’s in high demand, and it has received countless positive reviews. At this moment, 520 clients have submitted their studies 87% of these have rated this product 4 or greater on a scale of 5. The blender and food processor now enjoys an overall score of 4.5 stars out of a possible 5, which can be fantastic.

Ninja IQ Blender Review (Nutri Ninja Automobile IQ BL482 Inspection)


  • Powered with a 1,000-watt motor
  • Includes three containers 24 ounces, 18 oz, and 12-ounce containers
  • It also includes two seals and sips lids, just if you want to attract these containers to function.
  • All plastic containers will be BPA free and dishwasher safe.
  • Has two preset controllers, mix and ultra-blend, along with the heartbeat
  • 15.8″ tall
  • 3-foot cable
  • One year guarantee


  • Ideal for making single functioned smoothies
  • Little dimensions will fit in many kitchens.
  • A robust motor is more than capable of mixing frozen ingredients.
  • The preset controllers allow one to place and then forget.


  • Short guarantee
  • You Can’t make nut butter or sorbet for this (You’ll Have to put in some liquid to help get things going )
  • Not for large families

Why Is This Nutri Ninja Blender With Auto IQ Worth Considering?

It’s powerful. You’ll require a potent smoothie-maker to grind all the frozen fruit and leafy veggies you pour into a small appliance. You are going to want your smoothie to be eloquent, not rust. But mainly, you won’t want it to split in a few weeks since it’s not strong enough to perform the task it was supposed to serve.

That is precisely what happened to my very first smoothie-maker. It cost $25, and it seemed great! I believed I’d found a real deal. Now return, I’d not have purchased it.

It includes functional accessories that won’t crack or leak. It would help if you had containers that can hold up to constant use. You need accessories that may be used daily and not neglect you.

With my next smoothie-maker, the seal on the unit’s blade part started leaking, and not much after broke entirely. It couldn’t be substituted as it wasn’t readily available to be bought independently. Go figure!

It’s not difficult to use. While I’m not an infomercial junkie, I added the Nutri Ninja infomercial video under since it reveals precisely how simple it’s to apply this small appliance.

Together with the press of a button, your job is completed. By comparison, my third smoothie-maker has been rather hard to utilize. To allow it to work, I needed to push the whole unit down with sufficient power to keep it operating for 1-2 minutes. All the time, the intensely loud sound projected from this particular appliance taken a right up to my ears, destroying my silent morning routine.

Why Is This Nutri Ninja Blender With Auto IQ Worth Considering

What Are Automobile iQ and How Does This Operate?

AutoiQ is a quality that will provide you a set of automatic mixing programs, so it is possible to find the best outcomes. These programs have mechanically configured using the Nutri Ninja automobile in a blender to combine continuously, heartbeat, and pause by a set routine. It’ll automatically cease if the timer runs out.

You’ve got two choices: Combine and Ultra Blend. You may have to push a button, and it can do everything else for you. Rather than figuring out a more complex pattern of activities and pauses, it has already been guessed. Use the Blend button to milder components, and the Ultra Blend for tough, fibrous, and frozen ingredients. It is that easy. We reviewed the Nutri Ninja duo, which also gets the Automobile IQ attribute.

What’s the eloquent increase function?

Ninja’s Smooth Boost Technology is a trademarked technique that enables you to personalize your mixing further. With the touch of a button, this technology finds the level to which the ingredients have been mixed, so you receive the perfect drink every time. Along with this, the technology also lets you not just blend but whip super creamy frozen beverages, such as smoothies.

This will offer you a frothy mix to get a wonderful trendy treat at any time of year. With this technology, the Ninja can perform all of the jobs for you, so you don’t need to think about complicated settings or surgeries.

What’s the Nutri Ninja automobile IQ complete extraction method?

Like the “Smooth Boost” purpose, the Auto-iQ® makes it incredibly simple to use the blender. With this technology, not only does it detect degrees of consistency; however, also, the Nutri Ninja will proceed through a set of mixes; pulses also contrast to absolutely blend your drink. This is like using a servant to stir, shake, and blend up your beverages. This tech is pre-programmed, so you merely need to hit a button, and the Vitamix deals with the rest.

Is it effortless to clean?

The little jars and blade create this one of the simplest blenders to wash. Just be cautious when cleaning the edges. Also, be sure that you pass this blender once you finish creating your smoothie so components won’t dry up.

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Verdict: Why Is This Ninja Blender For You?

If you’re trying to find a personal blender that does not ask that you find out the appropriate settings each time afterward, the Ninja BL482 could be precisely what you want. With this blender, you press a button, and voila, you get a tasty and healthy smoothie which it is possible to bring with you to do the job.

It is only ideal for multitasking since you can do anything else in the kitchen as you wait patiently for it to prepare. There is no need to press on a button or work out the ideal pattern of blockages, blockages, and constant blending. That has been done for you!

VIDEO: All About the Nutri Ninja Auto IQ

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