Pomegranate Juicer Review: Top Full Guide 2020

Pomegranate Juicer

You enjoy the flavor of pomegranate juice. However, the conventional way of juicing pomegranate worries you as you need to scoop the seeds out. Do not worry, that weight will be eliminated together with the employment of this LavoHome Pomegranate Juicer Commercial Grade. FIKE will show you about this juicer in this guide.

Pomegranate Juicer Review: A Cast-iron Manual Press from Particular Imports

Product information:

  • Package Dimensions 17.2 x 11.3 x 7.6 inches
  • Item Weight 10 Pounds
  • Manufacturer LavoHome
  • ASIN B019G5BV2K
  • Color Black
  • Material Cast Iron
  • Brand LavoHome
  • Item Weight 160 Ounces


  • Simple to Use
  • Stainless steel components and cast-iron body
  • Simple to wash
  • Can create high pressure


  • May fall ahead when a powerful force is applied.

Simple to Use

The use of this juicer is straightforward. Place the half-cut pomegranate on the strainer and pull the lever, and you’ll observe the juice fall. Don’t forget to put a bowl under the strainer, or your juice will disperse across the surface. It might take time to understand how to use the juicer, but you’ll eventually get used to it.

This juicer can save your time in comparison with the standard method of creating pomegranate juice. With the old way, you must pick up every seed before it is possible to juice them. It might take a long using the pomegranate since it contains a lot of grain. Nevertheless, the endeavor is time-consuming and more frustrating.

Simple to Use

Stainless Steel Parts and Cast-iron Body

This juicer features a cast-iron body, so it is quite durable and steady in performance due to its volatility.

The components that come in contact with the juice are made from stainless steel, a famous substance for its durability and rust resistance. While durability is not necessarily needed for this type of kitchen appliance, as it is generally used in room temperature, which should not harm it, the juicer will have the ability to keep in good shape for quite a while.

The rust resistance feature due to its chromium plating on the surface can help rehydrate the forming of rust because of pomegranate juice’s high acidity.

Easy to Clean

Another advantage that includes stainless steel is that it is simple to wash. Some gentle wash with dishwasher juice, liquid alternative, or glass cleaner after every use will help keep it clean.

The stainless steel components will also be dishwasher-safe. This means they are made to withstand this dishwasher’s high temperature for a very long period and resist the harm that solvents may cause. Nevertheless, it is always much better to hand-wash and washes them immediately after use. This helps stop the damage brought on by prolonged exposure to the acid in the juice.

Generate High Stress

Together with the capacity to create pressure around 1,400 PSI, the juicer can manage many fruits of distinct ripeness and endurance levels. It works too on pomegranate as lemon, orange, along with other citrus fruits.

Regrettably, unlike other guide press pens, this you can’t manage too much pressure. When you press on the handle difficult enough, the juicer will lose its balance and fall forward. It is strongly suggested that you juice a little section of the fruit in time to decrease the pressing force demanded.

Generate High Stress

How To Juice A Pomegranate With The Pomegranate Juice Press


Pomegranate Juicer Review FAQs

Can I place pomegranate within my juicer?

Pomegranates are hard-shelled fruits full of countless little red tear-drop gem seeds. Just the seeds, called arils, may be consumed and juiced. Although it’s possible to use an electrical juicer, hand juicing is the typically recommended way of extracting juice from a pomegranate.

Do you need to peel off a pomegranate before juicing?

You do, but you wish to eliminate all the peel because it may impart a bitter flavor to the juice. Remove any larger portions of the membrane to prevent them from getting in the way of juicing the seeds.

Is it better to consume a pomegranate or drink the juice?

Pomegranate juice contains higher levels of antioxidants than most other fruit juices. Additionally, it has three times more antioxidants than red wine and green tea. The antioxidants in pomegranate juice might help eliminate free radicals, protect cells from damage, and decrease inflammation.

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