Rok Espresso Reviews 2020

Rok Espresso Reviews 2020

The ROK Espresso Maker is a gorgeous looking item that resembles a sculpture over the usual coffee maker and retains buyers hooked together with its regular idea.

This product seemingly provides “cafe-style coffee in the comfort of your house,” not via a java “machine”; however, a manual espresso maker.

All buyers will need to do is add boiling water into the pump and grounds the java through by lowering the metallic arms, and they also have the choice of this stainless steel milk frother to make unique beverages. It is an intriguing notion, but can it be as good in practice as in theory?

A Concise Summary of the ROK Espresso Maker

The very first thing I discovered was that the packaging. It is impressive and well-done. Everything comes from a stainless steel tin with foam fittings to keep all secure. It is more mobile than inexpensive espresso machines.

The ROK is a guide, non-electric espresso maker, and that is one of its finest features. No machine upkeep, no cables, and apocalypse-durable, it comes with a 10-year guarantee.

But, it is also among its worst features. A fancy business system has intricate heating components that keep the constant temperature during the whole brewing process. Also, but the strain that forces the water through the coffee can also be consistent. Control over every factor isn’t readily achieved using the ROK, but it isn’t always essential. The stainless steel is readily cooled, and the arms do not create constant tension.

The coffee scoop, which the ROK espresso maker includes additionally functions as a tamp. It is not optional, but nor can it be the perfect dimensions, but it will get the job done well enough for many people. More than probably, only trained baristas are going to have the ability to discern the difference between a well-tamped along with also a poorly-tamped shot.

The milk frother is neat. It will not compete with a steam wand, naturally. However, using it’s easy, the metal-on-metal noise when draining the other is not necessarily kind to your ears. To froth your milk, then warm it up in a microwave for about a minute. Then place the other to the pump and cup until you are happy.

Pressing down the arms is not super simple, but it is not too difficult for adults. Kids will probably have a challenging time, but they should not be coping with water to start with.

Allow me to walk you through the brewing process and highlight a few of the joys and struggles.

Features and Advantages Of ROK Manual Espresso Maker

Features and Advantages Of ROK Manual Espresso Maker

Unique Styling

The first thing you will notice concerning the ROK is that it looks completely different from any other coffee maker on the market. It’s an almost sculptural quality, using its glistening stainless steel frame and arm-like levers extending either side.

There is also a version design employing a mix of aluminum and stainless steel. And you will most likely end up describing what it would be too interested visitors.


However, not every component of the ROK is made from stainless steel – and here, there’s a little room for improvement.

On the other hand, the machine includes an impressive ten-year guarantee. During that period, the producers can provide any replacement component that is required. Though you might have quibbles about transport expenses, resign yourself to people, and you’re going to have the ability to apply this cheap machine for more than ten years.

No Need For Electricity

The real beauty of this system is that it employs the ability of your body. By pulling back on the levers, you create up to ten bars of strain – sufficient to get a fantastic espresso. And if it takes just a small force, it is simple enough to be used by anybody of any age.

If you like camping and are not ready to forego fantastic coffee, this system may be a fantastic selection. However, you may need to package a grinder, scales along with a kettle to boiling your water also.

You will need to be ready to put time into the brewing process: This is a machine that requires patience. There will be no complaints if they taste the outcomes.

Range Of Accessories Included

The machine includes different accessories. There is also a splitter spout to enable you to pour two espressos simultaneously, just as you can with one group electric manufacturer.

The entire lot is stored neatly together in a metallic container. Therefore, should you wish to try out java producing outside, it’s easy to take from place to place.

It is worth mentioning that the plastic sheeting provided with the machine is somewhat flimsy. Properly compacted java is essential for extraction. The water tends to flow into any cracks or openings, over-extracting the reasons around the stations.

If you consider purchasing the ROK, you may want to put money into your metal tamper. You may pick up one for a little more funding. The specifications state it steps 49mm, but you may want to step first: a few individuals have discovered it is slightly larger.

If you like lattes, cappuccinos, or apartment whites, then the milk frother is a fantastic little gadget. It is essentially a small pump, like the rest of the machine, so it does not require power.

That is right: it is likely to find the complete latte art experience while swimming!

Last, a note about the spade. The ROK will make topnotch espresso with the appropriate ingredients, so don’t hesitate to cut corners. Grind your coffee before brewing, and then take some opportunity to weigh the reasons correctly.

The spade could be used to measure volume, but espresso, which makes a specific science. You will not ever receive the identical amount of precision as if you weigh the reasons instead. Put money into precise kitchen scales, and you’re going to taste the difference.

Pairing Grinder Available

One thing that’s not contained in the bundle is a grinder.

If you have purchased the ROK, you will have saved a great deal of money more than electric espresso makers.

You are aiming to get a grind that releases 1.5 oz of espresso in approximately 25 minutes. That will provide you with all of the best aroma and flavors from the java, with no bitterness creeping from over-extraction.

Reaching this is the point where the experimentation comes from. If you discover you are extracting 1.5 ounces too shortly, grind finely. When it’s taking too much time, try out a slightly coarser placing in your grinder.

ROK currently fabricate their particular burr grinder. Have a peek at the YouTube movie to see it in action.

And like its counterpart, there is no demand for it to be plugged, or perhaps for batteries. All the electricity comes in turning the deal.

One word of advice if you’re thinking about working with this while outside camping; however: it will require a level surface. If you would like to produce espresso around your campfire, you may be better off using a battery-powered grinder.

The Way to Use the ROK Non-Electric Espresso Machine

The Way to Use the ROK Non-Electric Espresso Machine

You start by grinding a few java beans into some fine powder. The ROK hand media espresso manufacturer doesn’t use standard dimensions, and it takes a different procedure. It’s possible to fill out the portafilter up entirely, which should take approximately 12gms of coffee.

Then take advantage of the spade to press or tamp the reasons evenly while implementing some substantial quantity of pressure. You may wind up getting some java on the portafilter’s walls, which could be somewhat uneven. Attach the portafilter into the body of this appliance

With arms entirely downwards, you’ll have to pour boiled water to the top chamber. According to the directions, you have to fill the water just over the metallic rim to get a consistent degree of brewing strain.

You have to lift the arms of this appliance all of the ways until you feel that a resisting pressure and hold for a couple of seconds. As a result, you’re enabling the water to temporarily pre-infuse with the java before applying pressure.

Don’t press down gradually, and press so far as the arms can proceed. Initially, you won’t see anything coming from the spout. However, you’ll observe continuous steam at a second or 2.

After the flow starts to eliminate pressure in about ten minutes, repeat it for another 10 minutes. You shouldn’t replicate this process for the whole quantity of water; it’s too much. Twice for extraction is excellent enough. Discard the rest of the content since it’ll be sour and over-extracted.

First-timers won’t produce a perfect espresso simultaneously unless you can successfully control all of the factors like timing, temperature, and pressure. However, you could always add some water to create an Americano or any hot frothed milk to create a latte or a cappuccino.


How Can You Descale A ROK Espresso Maker?

To descale a ROK Espresso manufacturer, you need to unscrew the best bolt and then eliminate its components. Put the silicone filter and then O-ring in warm water and then leave the reservoir at a 1:3 vinegar and warm water solution for half an hour. Then wash everything with warm water and then scatter your coffee maker.

What Grind Size Should I Use With A ROK Espresso Maker?

You need to use a good grind with your ROK espresso maker, as espresso brewing occurs in just 20-30 minutes, and rough ground coffee would allow the water stream too fast, leading to under-extracted java. We advocate grinding the coffee beans to acquire the very best taste. Should you require a grinder and need something that may match your new ROK Espresso manufacturer, it sells a similarly-shaped grinder.

Is Lever Espresso Machines Better?

Lever espresso machines are better if you need full control over the extraction process and manually sense that the strain required to brew espresso. Learn more about all the various kinds of espresso machines.


The ROK espresso maker is a superb selection for a coffee drinker who enjoys espresso but would love to avoid committing a whole paycheck and their whole kitchen countertops into some fancy espresso machine and its accessories.

The guide espresso manufacturer can be kept easily, travels well, and is fantastic for the contemporary minimalistic nomad. It’s also perfect for your mad scientist that needs more space to experiment with various procedures and wishes to feel the gap in their hands.

At worst, the ROK espresso maker makes fair espresso compared to a more conventional machine also comes in at a fraction of the price tag. Additionally, it includes a timeless design that’s likely to turn heads and start interesting discussions, particularly with those that want to know more about java. But if you are not entirely convinced, make sure to check out my review of this Flair Espresso Maker.

Video: Rok vs Flair REMATCH – Manual Espresso Maker

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