Valentus Coffee Reviews 2020

Valentus Coffee Reviews 2020

Valentus Slimming Coffee is your latest slimming product, which has struck the Philippine industry. It’s obviously out of stock, so learn why in this Valentus Coffee Review.

What’s Valentus?

What's Valentus

Valentus supplies a small selection of beverage powders for weight loss, digestive health and immune system function, and vitality. A number of these fall under the Prevail brand, Valentus being submerged for”predominate.”

These products comprise SlimROAST java and therefore are supposed to enhance health, energy, and nourishment. They are made out of all the “purest natural ingredients”. Here’s a closer look at what is in those supplements:

  • Green coffee bean extract
  • Ginseng
  • Maca
  • Rhodiola Rosea
  • Gotu kola
  • Guarana seed
  • Dandelion root
  • L-carnitine fumarate

Other components employed by the organization include cassiolamine infusion, cissus quadrangularis, garcinia Cambogia, organic gas, raspberry ketones, green tea extract, minerals, inulin fiber, probiotics and phaseolamine infusion.

These components are thought to come from many the most pristine areas around Earth, and a lot provide antioxidants to help fight dangerous free radicals.

There’s also a Valentus program for Android and iOS, which is directed at the ones that market their products.

About Valentus – The Company

Valentus, Inc. has been in business since 2014 and has been set by Dave Jordan (the CEO too ). He’s a multi-level advertising veteran but includes a history of going from businesses as they are going to go under.

This is a multi-level marketing and advertising business that has obtained a ‘B+’ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

In terms of the location of the company, the official site states:

Valentus, Inc…

Sioux Falls, SD

However, the Better Business Bureau lists the address as:

Valentus, Inc…

3900 W 53rd St

Sioux Falls, SD 57106-4220

An alternate return address is recorded on the Valentus website as well:


4325 W Commercial Way, Suite G

Salt Lake City, UT 84104

Scroll below for a few of the top products we have seen during the previous year.

Does this Product function?

Let’s look at the primary product Valentus promotes to see whether their daring claims of weight control are, in fact, possible with drinking one coffee daily. Sounds too good to be true, do not you believe?

Valentus actually Appear to maintain their java in high esteem and promote their four java products as with the next similar advantages:

  • Natural Ingredients to encourage cravings and appetite
  • Confirm your body’s own All-natural sugar levels
  • Support fat metabolism
  • Support for brain wellness and attention
  • May elevate mood
  • Antioxidant

Should you pay close attention you Will See That those claims are accompanied by an asterisk and following a few scrolling to the bottom of the webpage you can locate this particular message.

“These statements haven’t been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administrations. This product isn’t meant to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any Infection. Results not typical and might vary.”

I am not sure about you, but that will undoubtedly begin ringing alarm bells for myself. This may not put off everybody and that I can understand why folks buy in their daring claims of a simple procedure for guaranteed weight reduction.

The main point is that they are promoting people a false fantasy. It’s incredibly improbable that anybody will begin to see substantial weight loss by drinking one coffee daily with no other lifestyle changes. Still, I suspect folks are continually searching for a simple way out.

Ingredients Debunked

Disclaimer; I’m in no way a nutrition specialist and also have researched every ingredient to the best of my knowledge. All advice is factual.

All four coffee blends sold by Valentus have marginally different ingredients listing. Still, we’ll concentrate on the “SLIMROAST Italian Dark Roast Coffee” to give you a good notion of how much scientific evidence exists in providing the outcomes that Valentus asserts you may see following a single cup of coffee every day. I have broken down a few of the critical components under;

Non-GMO Dark Roast Instant Coffee – Java is the significant component in the blend, as well as the “Non-GMO,” identifies how the coffee isn’t genetically modified.

Research by to the”Non-GMO” tag discovered that firms utilize the Non-GMO to appeal to consumers and also to attempt to create the sensation of a natural product.

The simple truth is no proof that genetically modified coffee has been cultivated for industrial use, so virtually all java is Non-GMO.

Concerning the claims made by Valentus into the advantages of the coffee, can java contribute to some of the benefits? Well, in this case, it really can.

Because most men and women understand coffee, and caffeine promotes central nervous system stimulation and will allow you to feel more awake and alert.

Studies have shown that chlorogenic acids inside the coffee can help control appetite and curb appetite. The antioxidants found in java, have been associated with decreased risk of type two diabetes, liver disease, and Alzheimer’s disease.

Hence, the coffee found inside the Valentus mix can marginally assist towards 4 of those six advantages presented by Valentus to market their coffee.

However, what about the other components?

Could you not be drinking a cup of coffee?

Well, let us have a peek at the other components.

Green Coffee Bean Extract -This infusion is taken from green beans and has a chlorogenic acid component. Valentus asserts this ingredient acts as a thermogenic fat burner, but is there any scientific proof behind this?

There have been numerous studies into the effects of green coffee bean extracts on weight loss, but I have failed to obtain some with concrete proof that green coffee bean extract assists in weight loss in people. A study with rats suggested that this fixing assists in weight loss using consistently.

One study used 30 obese human areas for 12 weeks, at which half have been awarded instant coffee with green coffee extract to consume each day, and the other half drank regular immediate coffee every day. More than 30 months, the green coffee infusion dropped 11.9 lbs between them.

So, does this reveal that this fixing functions? Well, not precisely, first of all of the weight loss between issues was marginal, and businesses financed a lot of the research that market green coffee bean extract, so we will need to be skeptical about those outcomes.

Garcina Cambogia Extract – Is taken out of a tropical fruit known as “Malabar Tamarind” and is supposed to help block the body’s ability to create fat and suppress appetite. Once more, this is just another ingredient that has daring claims but hardly any evidence to indicate it’s good at helping in weight reduction.

The active ingredient “hydroxy citric acid” seems to obstruct a receptor known as the citrase phase that our bodies use to create fat. It’s also believed to increase serotonin levels from the brain somewhat, which could help you feel fuller.

But a review published in the journal of obesity found that individuals consuming this ingredient just lost about two pounds over people who did not take it. So the promises are bold, but the results might not be.

Phaseolamine Extract – This fixing is made of white kidney beans and is stated to functions as a proteinaceous inhibitor of alpha-amylase. In simple terms, this essentially means that it may lessen the absorption of carbs that equals fewer calories. If those fewer calories require you in a calorie deficit, you will begin to drop weight.

A couple of studies have suggested that this fixing may play a part in weight reduction; in order, there’s one favorable here.

Green Tea Extract – This fixing has also gained plenty of attention for it’s assumed health benefits, and it functions in fat reduction. There’s no concrete evidence to indicate that green tea infusion will have a sizable effect on weight loss, and many studies once more have been done on mice rather than individuals, so it’s tough to tell.

My Valentus Slimming Coffee Expertise

My Valentus Slimming Coffee Expertise

I take one advocated scoop of Valentus java in the daytime. It’s replaced my customary cup of brewed black coffee as my breakfast. Yeah, I take my coffee black since that is the way I like it. And because I wake up late, it may carry me till lunchtime.

So here’s my Valentus java review. Assess how it changed my day to day life.

Energy boost.

I usually move slowly in the daytime. Mornings and I do not appear to agree. Upon waking, I do my spine stretches (for instance, and lower back pain) then take my java. I then buzz about waking the children, prepare them for your afternoon.

Bloating eradicated.

By this time, I have been carrying Valentus for nearly a month. I’ve lost two kilos. So I’m now at 120 pounds. I am not positive whether that is fat reduction, but I’m sure it is the bloating that has been relieved.

This was the first hint. Since Valentus water consumption condition is 2-3 liters every day, you inhale often. The water retention went down the drain. Rather than puffiness, I see clearer lines across bony areas.

Fantastic sleep.

Regardless of the energy throughout the day, I feel the temptation to break in the day and night. I feel great with sleep. I’m in a much better mood, also.

Curbs food cravings.

A number of my cravings are controlled. Frankly, I could go the entire day without meals and only realize that I’m so hungry. However, I don’t do this. I eat lunch and dinner at a standard time. Sometimes I skip day snacks; occasionally, I eat a bit. In the event I’ve thick afternoon snacks, then I skip dinner.

The Way to Utilize Valentus Coffee

Like other Valentus products, this SlimROAST weight loss coffee comes in handy packs or sachets. Only empty one packet to 4-8 oz of hot or cold water and stir well, and also add cream or simmer if you would like. It’s assumed to be consumed 30-60 minutes before a meal, and you want to drink it at least once per day. No more than two packs are recommended every day.

How Much is Valentus Coffee?

Valentus Slimming Coffee sells for P3,500 (approximately US$70) to get a container or bathtub for non-members. For the recommended dose of 1 scoop daily, it is going to last you for 30 days.

Where to Purchase Valentus?

We took a good look at the official site, and it does not seem as if it’s possible to purchase Valentus Slim Roasts Coffee, Prevail Max, or alternative Prevail products on the site.

Once you click on the”order” button, the website requires you to a speaking member page asking for a user name or the person who referred you. This way, the individual who turned you on to those products may get credit for your purchase.

On the flip side, there are Valentus on Amazon. Other traders include Walmart,, eBay, and other internet vendors you may find by looking for particular Valentus products.

Valentus Costs

The Valentus price is somewhat unclear. Again, this isn’t specifically addressed by the official site. However, we can let you know just how much Valentus prices on Amazon. Here’s a breakdown of this Valentus costs we discovered:

  • Valentus SlimROAST – $64.95 per box (24 packets)
  • PrevailMAX – $59.95 (one jar )
  • Prevail Breakthrough Am/Pm $59.94 (24 packets)
  • Prevail Energy $59.95 (24 packets)
  • Prevail Trim $59.89 (24 packets)
  • Prevail Immune $59.95 (24 packets)

Be aware that the price of Valentus products may differ from dealer to dealer. However, you may expect to pay around $60 per box. This includes the Valentus coffee cost.

But, it appears that Amazon currently only sells Valentus SlimROAST in canister and box form.


I presumed I should only need Valentus java for a month to shed my goal 10 pounds. However, I figure, if I maintain my consumption habits, I might need to take it more. Even despite all of the parties that I attend, the fantastic thing is I’m not gaining fat.

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