Vitamix Vs Ninja Blender: Top Full Guide 2020

Vitamix Vs Ninja Blender

There are a whole lot of questions swirling about why you need to spend as much cash on a high-powered blender such as a Vitamix. You may wonder why you can not get something such as the Ninja that asserts it will blend anything?

Though say Ninja’s advertising campaign makes it seem like Ninja blenders may do anything, a one-off product demonstration does not signify that it is likely to be the situation six months later you brought you house.

FIKA team pitted Vitamix vs Ninja Blender head-to-head from to find out whether it is worthwhile to spend your cash in a Vitamix, or in case you catch a Ninja and conserve your valuable dollar bills?

Vitamix Vs Ninja Blender

1. Vitamix Ascent A2500

  • Color: Black Style Name: Blender
  • Product Dimensions 17 x 8 x 11 In.
  • Item Weight 11 Pounds
  • Manufacturer Vitamix
  • Item model number A2500
  • 10-Year Warranty
  • Digital LCD, Speed Dial, and Physical Switches

Vitamix Ascent A2500 (1)

2. Ninja professional countertop grinder

  • Product Dimensions 8 x 6 x 17 inches
  • Item Weight 7.6 Pounds
  • Manufacturer Euro-Pro
  • ASIN B00939FV8K
  • Item model number BL660
  • Color Silver
  • Ability 2.2 qt
  • Manufacturer SharkNinja
  • Watts 1100 Watts
  • Number of Speeds 3 Rate
  • Lifestage Mature
  • Blender Type Countertop Blenders

Ninja professional countertop grinder

Particular Features Of Ninja Vs. Vitamix

Firstly, here are a few of the highest features you ought to consider as you opt for a blender. You need to note these features because you start to look for a blender. It is also possible to ask yourself queries as regards such features. By way of instance, as seeing the engine electricity, you can ask yourself, “how well will I use the blender?”

Certain features stick out in such blenders. For Vitamix 5200, these features include the soup heating capacity.

Particular features of Ninja professional countertop blender include the single-serve purpose and accompanying 20-ounce cups. The lid lock characteristic of Ninja professional countertop grinder can also be noteworthy. If the lid doesn’t lock, the engine can’t be run.


Materials included in the production of those blenders can get in assessing their potency. These substances incorporate the high-quality strengthened steel employed at the production of these blades of Vitamix 5200.

The plastic applied from both blenders’ jar and the blade of Ninja professional countertop blender is just another sign of durability.

Warranty periods connected to the blenders, which can be signs of durability, also disagree. The guarantee period of Ninja professional countertop blender is one year. On the flip side, the guarantee period for Vitamix 5200 is just seven decades.


A grinder plan may affect your selection because the layout will play a substantial part in specifying the storage choices.

Ninja professional countertop grinder includes a countertop layout, and this also enriches its ease of storage. But, there are complaints that the mixer does not fit into most of the drawers. The measurements of the Ninja professional countertop grinder are 9.2 x 12 x 16.4″.

Vitamix 5200, on the other hand, has features that enable storage. The height of this blender makes it from being saved under a lot of kitchen cabinets.


In employing this self-cleaning capability, add a drop of dish soap to warm water inside the blender jar. After that, turn the blender to the maximum speed. The mixer will wash and be prepared for storage.

Blenders with this attribute generally target customers with a new and active way of life. The self-cleaning feature also enhances the performance of mixers.


Particular blenders can warm soups whenever they prepare. The rate of performance makes this potential. Vitamix 5200 is just one of these boosters. It’s possible to cook soups while cooking them together with Vitamix 5200. The soups will likewise not need reheating.

This attribute isn’t an available Ninja professional counter grinder. Even though the Ninja grinder has additional features like ice crushing and superb smoothie making capabilities, it does not have the soup heating capacity.

Dishwasher Safety

A blender’s compatibility using a dishwasher is just another quality that suggests its suitability for consumers with contemporary and busy lifestyles.

Ninja professional countertop blender is dishwasher safe. Therefore, it can explain as a blender to get a new era.

Vitamix 5200, on the other hand, isn’t compatible with a dishwasher. Therefore, you may utilize the self-cleaning feature in addition to hand washing for Vitamix 5200.

The simple fact that Ninja professional countertop blender is dishwasher safe enriches its user-friendliness.

Other features that point to that the blender’s user-friendliness comprises the fact it is not hard to take care of. Contents are also simple to pour from this Ninja professional countertop blender due to its sprout layout.


Vitamix is mainly known among those brands which produce useful blenders, which are rather costly. Persons hoping to acquire a Vitamix blender ought to consider consequently budget spends approximately $400. Vitamix 5200, as an instance, is recorded for a mean of $400.

Ninja is among those brands releasing products using a typical application of technologies. In addition to budget-friendly costs, Ninja professional countertop grinder cost with a mean of 100.

Considering that Ninja Professional countertop grinder can be found at considerably lesser costs than the price of Vitamix 5200 and provides exceptional benefits, it’s the better option if you are adhering to a budget.

Nevertheless, you ought to note features that might have made the low price of this Ninja blender potential. Such features include durability, one year for Ninja professional countertop blender, whereas seven decades for Vitamix 5200.


The dimensions of this container of those blenders are among the features that mainly stick out. Therefore, the comparison begins with this attribute. The Ninja professional countertop has an extra-large box. The quantity of the extra-large container is 72 ounces, over the 62 oz of big vessels.

Vitamix 5200 includes a massive container. The container has a volume of 62 ounces. Even though the quantity of Vitamix 5200 is lower than that of the Ninja blender, Vitamix 5200 is appropriate for large food prep batches. You might even make vast batches of smoothies out of changing food components together with both mixers.

The sort of substance where the containers were created is comparable for the two blenders. Vitamix vs. Ninja includes its boxes made out of vinyl, which can be durable and free of harmful elements. The plastic to the jar of both of these blenders is free of BPA.


By noting the engine’s ability of a blender, you need to reevaluate its mixing skills. The Ninja professional countertop has an engine using 1100 W. The engine forces this Ninja grinder’s exceptional mixing abilities, which crushes even some of the most problematic fruits.

The engine of the Ninja professional grinder compels its own three mixing speeds. The heartbeat function of this mixer raises its performance.

Vitamix 5200 includes a 2.2 HP motor. The engine has 1,380 W electricity that compels the crushing and mixing of things. Vitamix 5200 is mainly famous for its mixing efficiency driven by this high-powered motor.

You can select between some of those ten rates of this Vitamix 5200 blender. The blender does not have any known heartbeat ability.

When it comes to the engine of these blenders which are being compared, it is essential that the engine of Vitamix 5200 also has additional features like the thermal controller attribute. The thermal control attribute is a protective feature for your motor of blenders.

Speed Control

The rate controller of Vitamix 5200 is by way of a guide dial. Changes could be produced as required while the blender is currently in use. Transforming the speed level using a manual dial is extremely simple to learn.

It’s possible to browse the rate of this Ninja professional countertop blender using touch-pad buttons. The heartbeat function can use with the touch-pad switches also.


The blades will ascertain how well the blender will have the ability to pulverize unique substances. Several features of these blades of Ninja professional countertop grinder are notable. These features include how the borders are removable.

With the rapid assembly and disassembly of these blades, the blades may quickly remove after efficient draining. It’s critical to include here that the edges are sharp, and particular caution should be taken to prevent injuries. The blades of Ninja professional countertop are also made from plastic.

Vitamin 5200’s blade includes features that are slightly different. By way of instance, the blade is constructed from steel aircraft-grade stainless steel implemented in the production of the borders of Vitamix 5200.


Number Ninja Vs. Vitamix User Experience

Motor power: The engine power of a blender is an incredibly vital characteristic to consider. The engine power decides the mixing skills. Mixers with a high motor power can conquer via anything. The pulverizing capacities of a blender with a high motor power are better than those with reduced energy.

Size: you also need to consider the quantity in it will help determine the usage. When assessing the worth of a blender, the dimensions ought to be considered appropriately. You will find small blenders that are acceptable for everyday usage. Additionally, there are conventional blenders that are acceptable for use by people and households. Professional mixers are often more critical than the small blenders in addition to the conventional ones.

Cost: The price of a blender ought to be relative to your demands. By way of instance, if you would like a professional blender, then you ought to be prepared to devote a good deal of cash. On the flip side, if you don’t own a great deal of money to invest, you can restrict yourself to people with regular features. There are lots of blenders with stable features available at favorable prices.

Durability: Regardless of how you decide to use your blender, you still ought to concentrate on sustainability. Producers also incorporate features and materials that promise durability. The material where the container has been created is just one of these features that signify strength. Stainless steel is one of the very best substances where a grinder’s box could be manufactured. Glass is only another durable material.

The substances where the blades are created are just another indicator of quality. Durable materials such as producing the blades of blenders incorporate stainless steel.

Closing thoughts

The two blenders compared are useful at different food preparations. But they’re several identifying features, for example, cost. To examine the parts to be aware of the option that functions many of your requirements. but with unheard-of 10-year warranty shows how much Vitamix stands behind their products, so you can rest assured that you can rely on this powerhouse of a blender for at least a decade

When comparing the results, the hours of engineering and fine-tuning went into the Vitamix Ascent Series shine through. The Vitamix is worth every single penny; when you invest in a Vitamix, you’re getting a full decade of silky smoothies, steaming-hot pureed soups, and homemade flours from whole grains.

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