Bodum Pour Over Coffee Maker Review 2020 [New]

Bodum Pour Over Coffee Maker Review 2020 [New]

The Bodum Pour Over Coffee Maker is the best investment for those who have hectic schedules and are searching for a handy approach to enjoy their favorite beverage. All you need to do is boil a kettle of water, then pour it on the coffee grinds and then permit the machine to operate its magic, with no usage of power.

This excellent pour-over coffee manufacturer promises consumers a cup of rich-tasting coffee whilst preserving the natural oils along with the fantastic odor of their grounds.

Bodum Pour Over Coffee Maker Features

Bodum Pour Over Coffee Maker Features

Here are some prominent features of this Bodum Pour Over Coffee Maker, which makes it stand out from the marketplace:

Makes Delicious Coffee: Contrary to other coffee manufacturers on the current market, the Bodum 11571-01US Pour Over Coffee Maker extracts organic tastes and aroma of the coffee grinds, enabling consumers to create a flavorful cup of dense slow-brew java.

Reusable Permanent Stainless Steel Mesh Filter: With the Bodum 11571-01US Pour Over Coffee Maker, you don’t need to be concerned about paper filters and capsules destroying the flavor of your favorite drink. The machine involves a durable stainless steel mesh filter that’s reusable.

Mouth-Blown Borosilicate Glass: The Bodum 11571-01US Pour Over Coffee Maker carries a mouth-blown Borosilicate Glass that’s ideal for making coffee and contributes to more straightforward clean up afterward.

Dishwasher Safe: Coffee fans will be delighted to understand the Bodum 11571-01US Pour Over Coffee Maker is dishwasher safe, leading to greater convenience for those that are too lazy to wash off the machine.

What Is To Love About the Bodum Pour Over?

What Is To Love About the Bodum Pour Over


This pour comes into its own in majority brewing. Although it may do single function, such as the Chemex, it’s aimed at providing a whole pot of coffee for those guests that have only popped round or the workmates in the workplace. The Bodum is offered in three distinct dimensions: 4 Cup (17 ounces), 8 cup (34 ounces), or 12 cups (51 ounces). While some might work well, we have and urge the 8 cups (34 ounces) version. The Bodum a pour more than assembled for ability and multi-server configurations.


Among the greatest things about the forum is it is simply amazingly inexpensive for the quality of substances that you’re becoming. The Bodum is made from top excellent borosilicate glass out of Portugal, intentionally designed to withstand heat. This is exactly the identical kind of glass employed in the Chemex, and the Bodum is only over half the purchase price!

Additionally, the permanent mesh filter ensures you don’t need to purchase paper filters. Also, since this is very much an entry-level pour, it over does not require all the extra specialized accessories which many other pour overs do. This implies the body is merely an inexpensive way to provide pour past a go and see if you want the flavor and process.

Ease of Use

Due to the flat-bottomed stainless steel mesh filter that the body is a somewhat pliable pour-over. We discovered that pretty much in the very first time we set eyes on it (and hadn’t heard of pour up to there!), We could generate a comparatively pleasant pot of brew.

Also, this body’s character means that cautious ratios and usage of scales and timers tend to be somewhat less required than with a few more specialized pour-overs (though blossom time remains crucial!). Though I have been utilizing the Kalita Wave for a little while today, I recently decided to change back into the forum to view how the flavors Evaluate.

And while there were differences in flavor profile, they had been less than anticipated and that I enjoyed the flavor of this body. This flavor and simplicity of use we seasoned are also represented in the positive reviews the Bodum gets on Amazon.

Elegant Appearance

To be truthful, we only really enjoy the elegant and stylish expression of this Bodum. The Bodum includes a plastic or bamboo ring across the neck of the decanter. The rubber and plastic bands come in white, black, red, lavender, blue, and lime green. We picked for the cork choice and suggested it as a very natural and aesthetically pleasing appearance.

What’s Not To Like About the Bodum?

The Decanter Spout

Regrettably, this body’s spout is much less than perfect and can readily spill java if you aren’t careful when massaging it. This also suggests that java frequently drips on the cork ring, which is somewhat frustrating while not a major deal.


Probably the best problem that sews over purists have together with the forum is the net filter is just not ideal for the extraction process. While the absence of a paper filter does permit more of these oils in the beans to go in the java, it also makes for a much quicker extraction period and water bypassing the legumes.

This is also compounded with the filter’s horizontal plastic underside that may lead to an irregular extraction. This all leads into a poorer cup of java and not as highlighting of flavor profiles of legumes that’s really what sets the pour-over way apart.

Bean Sediment from the Coffee

Additionally, the stainless steel mesh filter will not permit grind sediment through the coffee pot. However, we leave the previous 10 percent or so of this brew from the Bodum and discover that efficiently addresses the sediment difficulty. But it would be fine if it was not a problem in any respect.

The Way to Use The Bodum Pour Over

The Way to Use The Bodum Pour Over

The directions for using the pour-over coffee maker are somewhat vague, which may be intimidating if you go to use it. Luckily, it is not overly tough to get the hang of this technique.

  • Put the reusable filter at the top of the carafe and deliver 2 cups (16-oz) of plain water to a simmer. If it boils, remove from heat and let it cool for a moment. Boiling water is a little too hot. Publish your coffee beans to get a rather coarse grind the identical type you may use for a French media (or a bit nicer than this ).
  • Put three slightly-domed spoonfuls (the Bodum includes a spoon) to the basket for every coffee you wish to make. Thus, you will need six domed spoonfuls to meet without the carafe and also make 2 cups. Should you purchase your beans floor, they are probably ground to get a slightly nicer drip machine, so use a little less coffee on your basket.
  • Drizzle a few of those hot water over the coffee grounds to moisten them equally, then pour more water before the grounds and water arrive at the filter’s peak. Keep adding water every 30-60 seconds, since the coffee drains to the carafe until you’ve used all of the water.
  • Eliminate the filter basket and set the plastic lid onto the carafe’s surface for easy pouring, then serve and revel in.

Last, do not forget that you can – and should – correct the coffee to fit your preferences. I normally brew medium-dark roasts and favor a stronger cup of java. Therefore, I can occasionally add a bit more coffee than I explain above.


The Bodum 11571-01US Pour Over Coffee Maker could be bought on Amazon for free delivery.

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The Bodum Pour Over Coffee Maker is a fantastic product to purchase, and you’ll be pleased with just how easy the product is to utilize. This creates the coffee system a superb selection for beginners and beginners that are still getting the hang of making good coffee.

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