Coffee Pods Vs K cups – How Are They Different? [New 2020]

Coffee Pods Vs K cups - How Are They Different

If it comes to Coffee Pods Vs K cups, many coffee fans can’t distinguish both; nevertheless, they share an identical love for only serve coffee brewing. It’s essential to understand the pods and k-cups are distinct and unmistakable.

Consequently, Now we are here to precisely show you the differences between Coffee Pods and K Cups and provide the pros and cons of every brewing approach.

You can’t use pods in a coffee brewing system that merely utilizes k-cups, and the reverse also stands. Even though this is a truth, it doesn’t suggest you have to acquire distinct coffee brewing machines, so you may delight in making your favorite cup of black drink. Directly speaking, there are machines designed to brew coffee from the pods and the k-cups.

However, as an avid coffee drinker, then you ought to be aware of how to distinguish between the coffee pods and also the k-cups so you can learn which of those two you want.

Coffee pods

Coffee pods

Though Keurig might appear to dominate the business to many Americans, Nespresso is credited with creating the first coffee maker system which utilized pods in 1976. Consequently, coffee pods existed before K-Cups were invented in 1992.

If they have been around that long, why are they not more popular? The solution is in their manufacturing. Each firm that produced a single-serve coffee maker created its coffee pods. Also, there wasn’t any interchanging them. They have been created for this particular machine only. It was not like now, where you can visit the local grocery store and get a massive assortment of K-Cups. this Coffee has quite restricted roasts, flavors, and brands that produce them.


  • Stronger and tastier. Many say that the coffee is stronger and tastier coming out of a pod. This is logical since there’s more surface area to the water to extract the coffee.
  • Eco-friendly. Pods are much more eco-friendly, because their packaging is minimal, and they frequently arrive from biodegradable paper.
  • Better odor. You receive that amazing freshly brewed coffee odor because the reasons are not hidden from a container as though they are using a K-Cup.
  • Lower cost. They cost less than K-Cups. By way of instance, Melitta coffee pods are just roughly $.26 per gallon on Amazon, when compared with Green Mountain K-Cups, which is approximately $.48 per cup.


  • Fewer options. There are not as many producers of coffee pods since there are of K-Cups. Thus, there are not as many tastes, roasts, and combinations available.
  • Searching for. You can not simply walk into the regional grocery store and get a box as easily as possible with K-Cups.
  • Fewer pod machines. Since K-Cups have taken within the current market, nearly all single-serve coffee machines will use them. There are just a couple of harmonious machines with coffee pods, for example, Senseo and Hamilton Beach.



Contrary to pods, K-Cups may be utilized with many different single-serve brewers, such as Hamilton Beach and Cuisinart SS-10. Just be sure that you read the description of this unit before you get it.

K-Cups are famous single-serving coffee capsules that come packed in a plastic capsule with a foil lid. Some K-Cup tastes include a paper filter inside the cartridge. Though the packaging makes it simple and nearly mess-free, it also produces a lot of waste because every individual cup has to be disposed of after use.

K-Cups were created for Keurig coffee makers, but you will find additional compatible third-party brewing methods too. It is amazingly convenient and straightforward to utilize a K-Cup – select the one you need, pop it in your Keurig, and press a button. The machine will then puncture a hole through the lid and container and then run warm water through the cup to enjoy a coffee pod.

Keurig produces its line of trademarked K-Cups. However, you are not just restricted to their own Green Mountain coffee array. Most big names in coffee- such as Starbucks or Tim Horton’s – have published K-Cup versions of the signature combinations. Additionally, there are dozens, if not hundreds, of unlicensed capsules which operate with most top-rated Keurig coffee brewers. It is not tough to discover a vast array of K-Cups in grocery shops and on the internet.

Many people today state that K-Cups do not produce coffee that’s as rich and flavorful as other sorts of brewing methods and methods nonetheless, this may also be contingent on the taste, potency, and brewing dimension of your preferred K-Cup. Some manufacturers have blends and roasts on the more powerful end of this spectrum, while some are on the mild and side.


  • Significantly more choices via an impressive Choice of brands
  • Incredibly Handy and mess-free
  • Adequate coffee tastes


  • More expensive
  • Not as yummy or powerful
  • More ecological waste

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What Is the Difference Between Coffee Pods And K Cups?

The Difference Between Coffee Pods Vs K cups

Though K-cups and coffee pods may seem precisely the same in the first appearance, the first thing you may see is the packaging gap.

K-cup will regularly come packed within the capsule, usually a little plastic cup.

While pod comes to a newspaper or bigger resealed bag, that is why’s the coffee pods are also referred to as coffee pods. It mostly looks like a teabag, but it is coffee.

On the flip side, K-cups became so hot that they have been used in commercial and private use. The essential manufacturer who devised and produced K-cups initially had its ups and downs. Mostly, this resulted from other producers who produced different K-cups, which were appropriate for their machine.

Only how it’s possible to spot the K-cup and pod by taking a look in its packaging, the same noticeable gap occurs throughout the brewing process. K-cups need the needle to puncture the foil before adding the water to the filter.

Though they’re the same thing for some individuals, they operate in another manner.

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If you’re a coffee lover or enthusiast, what things to you that the most are enjoying a coffee that’s a cup full of taste and odor (how wealthy is an issue of personal taste because not everybody enjoys their coffee bitter or strong ).

Given this truth, determining whether the glider is right for you or if you should opt for the k-cup is a thing that will be settled by attempting equally.

Remember, it might have a brief time to determine, or it might be more than you expect. And if you’re missing for the alternative, you can choose to keep utilizing each since you will find coffee make machines that use both pods and the k-cups.

In general, it suffices to conclude that k-cups would be the contemporary version of the cup of coffee pods; they’re gaining popularity, but their conventional counterparts aren’t getting from this picture anytime soon.

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