French Press Vs Coffee Maker – Who Wins? [New 2020]

French Press Vs Coffee Maker - Who Wins

French Press Vs Coffee Maker: which makes better coffee?

If you’re like most people, you’ve probably sipped on coffee from an automatic drip coffee engine to the more significant part of your life. However, did you know there are numerous different techniques to prepare your morning beverage? Among the most well-known approaches is to use a device known as a French Press. A French Press is another from an automatic drip machine in many important ways. So, how are they different?

French press or coffee maker? These are some of the various coffee machines in the marketplace. You can find other coffee manufacturers like AeroPress utilized by tens of thousands of people to prepare delicious cups of coffee daily.

Whether to use a French press or a drip coffee machine is mainly dependent on the individual employing the apparatus. Some will let you know that the French Press is king, and others will commend drip machine. Paying attention to what you hear could be perplexing. You might even find yourself unable to generate a sound choice after paying keen attention to a variety of discussions about the best coffee manufacturers.

Fikanyc understands just how frustrating it is slapped with confusing advice, and that’s the reason why this bit is here to direct you. Below you’ll find helpful info regarding the French press vs drip coffee machine you may utilize to reach a determination. Therefore, maybe confident whether to purchase a drip coffee engine or French press will continue reading to find out more.

French Press

French Press

A simple machine using a glass container plus a detachable plunger high, the French press steeps coffee grounds in a box before the plunger slowly dominates the brew methods to get a bolder and full-bodied cup coffee.


Ultimate customizability – By changing the type and dimensions of coffee grounds, water temperature, etc., it is possible to make a coffee cup that suits your taste.

More natural oils – Former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz said that his French press made “the best cup of coffee known to humanity” since it brings out the “oils, flavor and flavor of combinations.”

Portability – It takes very little kitchen space and could be saved in a cabinet and taken in your luggage if you go out hiking, biking, or camping.


More time and effort – The French media is a manual operation requiring attention to detail and exact brewing management. You need to monitor the whole brewing process.

Taste changes – A tiny variation from the floor, water temperature, timing, or coffee-to-water brewing ratio could lead to a different flavor than you would prefer.

Messy cleanup – Clean up is catchy and can be cluttered. You might have sediment or sludge accumulating at the bottom of your cup. Some coffee grounds may be left from the filter or other machine region and can not only be rinsed down the sink drain.

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Drip Coffee Maker

Drip Coffee Maker

The coffee makers are standard in most families. It is a convenient method of brewing coffee-just set it and forget it. On the other hand, the flavor depends on the floor caliber, and you also have less control over your brew.


User-friendly and fast brew time – Pour into the grounds, press a button, and then wait for a brief time while disturbing your coffee.

Make more coffee – With 12-cup alternatives, you can prepare coffee for lots of men and women.

Easy clean up – Only eliminate the filter, then wash the water tank, and it is prepared to create another batch of coffee.


Less control on quality and flavor – Drip coffee machine generates a suitable cup also keeps it warm. Still, there is no way you’ll control the flavor or experimentation with all the taste. As soon as it’s a fantastic choice to make a fast cup of Joe, it is not the ideal choice to produce the perfect brew.

Most heating sticks are aluminum – Aluminum sticks don’t reach the ideal temperature, which triggers the coffee’s oils and, consequently, brings out the legumes’ taste. Meanwhile, drip machines using aluminum sticks, which heat the water quickly and are costly.

Molds – you need to wash it after every use since molds will seem if coffee grounds remain too long from the filter.

What are the differences between the french press and drip coffee?

There are five regions of differences among a French press and a coffee machine. These include the brewing process and time, the taste, the simplicity of usage, the price tag, and the number of cups you’ll possibly make. Let us take a look at those aspects in detail.

The Brewing Method and Time

Suppose it concerns the French Press, the Coffee Maker, the enormous difference in your brewing technique. A French Press makes it possible to coffee brewing utilizing a process referred to as gallop. This is only one of the easiest ways to produce coffee. All you need to do is combine hot water with ground coffee then separate the brewed liquid of the coffee grounds. The result is a cup of rich, powerful, and tasty coffee. Additionally, it has the benefit you merely require hot water and may brew your coffee everywhere.

But, there’s also a drawback to this steeping technique. If you take too much time to press back on the plunger, you’ll find a bitter coffee cup. On the flip side, if you divide the coffee grounds too fast, you’ll find a soft cup. Brewing coffee utilizing this way is a matter of trial and error, and it may take you some time before it’s possible to create the best cup.

The Drip machines can help you coffee brewing through the process of dripping filtration. We’ve already discussed a little bit about how it works. Unlike steeping, a drip filter provides you a fantastic cup of coffee every time.

Both coffee manufacturers also differ concerning brewing time. A French Press is quicker than a coffee engine. It’s a brewing period of 5 minutes. A  coffee engine, on the other hand, takes 4 to ten minutes. You want to watch for the machine to heat up until it cleanses your coffee.

The Taste

This is another crucial distinction between a French press and a Drip coffee maker. A French press coffee maker extracts the pure oil found in coffee beans. The coffee grounds also have to mix with the warm water a bit longer. This adds more flavors to your coffee and provides you a full-bodied cup.

On the flip side, the drip coffee makers offer you a milder brew. This is because the paper filters utilized in this coffee system consume a few of the coffee oils. The result is a cup of coffee with a uniform and light flavor. If you’re seeking a coffee cup with more flavor tastes, we advise you to go with the French Press.

On the downside, studies have indicated a connection between coffee oils and elevated amounts of cholesterol. By way of instance, if you drink 5 cups of French press coffee every single day, then this may raise your blood cholesterol levels from 6 to 8 percent. In the trickle filter event, the study suggests that the paper filters utilized within this method keep the lipids found in coffee grounds. In doing this, they decrease the chance of high cholesterol.

Running the Coffee Maker

The coffee engine is automatic. Because of this, it’s far simpler to use compared to French Press. Even first-timers can brew a nice cup of coffee utilizing this system. The single room for error when working with this coffee maker is how rough your coffee beans are. If the coffee grind is too fine or too coarse, you’ll find a terrible cup.

In the French Press event, we discussed previously how brewing coffee using this coffee machines is a matter of trial and error. You can select it when you’ve got enough time and patience to understand the craft of earning excellent coffee. Yet more, the coarseness of the coffee grind is significant here. If you don’t use coarsely ground coffee, the resulting brew methods will probably have colloids and frozen coffee dust.

Number of Cups

As far as the amount of cups is concerned, the French Press and the Drip machine consume nicely. Both machines will provide you up to 10 cups of coffee in one use. But, based upon their size, a few drip machines may also offer you over 12 cups. Should you have to make considerable coffee quantities to function to a significant group of individuals, then the drip coffee machines is a much better alternative. It is also possible to use it a lot easier to earn a regular cup of coffee. Employing the French Press could be awkward in this situation, as there’s loads of room for mistake.

The Drip coffee makers also will come with a heating plate. This keeps the coffee hot for a more extended period. A lone beverage will last you. In the event of the French Press, then you’ll need to drink your coffee simultaneously. You can keep it warm by using a thermos. However, that is not the most convenient option occasionally.

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French Press vs Drip: Who wins?

Whether it comes to it, the sort of coffee machines you locate preferably depends a great deal on you, your personal preference, and also your life worth. There is no requirement to be restricted to just one kind, either. You could realize that you enjoy them both.​

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