Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer Review: Top Full Guide 2020

Kuvings Whole Slow Juicers is the perpendicular layout masticating juicers with wide 3 inch chutes. First established in 2013 and currently available in 4 unique versions, we compare Kuvings entire slow juicers from the vertical layout versions.

The Kuvings B6000 Whole Slow Juicer is your very first significant mouth vertical, masticating juice extractor. It features a three-inch feed chute that accommodates items like apples without cutting them into smaller pieces (at least that is how it seems ).

It would help if you still chopped your produce pieces so that the significant mouth creation’ is essentially a marketing ploy. Let FIKA show you more details about this Juicer in Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer Review. 

Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer Review: Kuvings B6000 Series Whole Slow Juicer

Technical Specifications:

  • Form Cold Press Juicer
  • Juice Quality High
  • Juice Shelf Life 72 Hours
  • Dishwasher Safe No
  • Pulp Ejection External
  • Motor 60 RPM
  • Wattage 240 Watts
  • Chute Size 3 inches (around )
  • Construct BPA Free Plastic
  • Design Vertical/Upright
  • Color Red B6000PR| Silver B6000S| White B6000W
  • Noise Level Low
  • Warranty 10 Decades
  • Most significant for berries, Dense Produce, Citruses, Beans & Nuts


  • Three color finishes
  • 3-inch broad feeding chute
  • A slow 60 RPM motor prevents heat buildup and oxidation.
  • 72 hours of juice shelf life
  • Higher juice return and more excellent nutrient retention
  • Can process a broad selection produce
  • Permanent Ultem auger & strainer
  • Silent operation
  • All components that come in contact with the juice are BPA liberated.
  • Vehicle cleaning system
  • Juice tap for blending juices
  • Continuous juicing with outside pulp ejection


  • A little bit pricey
  • Not dishwasher safe
  • Less useful for leafy greens as opposed to flat masticating juicers
  • Masticating juicers are usually slow when compared with centrifugal juicers.
  • Though it has a big chute, you still need to cut your produce into smaller chunks

Is it Effortless to Use?

The Kuvings B6000 Series simpler to use than several electric juicers since it can accommodate larger pieces of produce. Assembly doesn’t take any longer than a moment as soon as you’ve set it together a couple of times. Line up the red dots to place them together correctly.

It comes with a dual safety system that automatically prevents overheating. In case it becomes overheated, it is going to turn off. Line up the scatter onto the pusher with the spray on the device and gently apply pressure to assist things like apples to grab on the auger. Other items will slip right to the auger blades.

If you would instead maintain the cap closed, you can combine your juices indoors while you juice. If you shake the machine by only feeding it too much at one time, then flip it off and then reverse the path of the auger to spare the products.

Juice Quality (2)

Is it Simple to Wash?

You can’t wash the sections of the juicer from the dishwasher. When you’ve cleaned it a couple of instances, cleaning becomes a straightforward task. There are only about five or five parts, and that they have to be washed by hand.

If you would like to reduce cleaning time, then use the green cleaning tool, which includes it. All you need to do is slide it on the net juice strainer and rotate it back and forth to brush the display free of extra pulp.

The other brushes are useful when cleaning the other components too. Wash everything the moment you finish creating your juice nut milk or sorbet. Put the elements into a sink filled with warm sterile water.

Be sure that you take the pulp entirely in the display and inspect the auger for any remaining pulp. If pulp dries on the components, particularly the show, it hardens and becomes harder to eliminate. Even if you need to run from the doorway fast in the morning, wash down the juicer, and wash the pulp from the juicer display.

Juice Quality

If you’re searching for high-quality juice, which requires time to prepare but remains hauled using the cold-press procedure, then Kuvings B6000 may be a fantastic fit. Using its two-step extraction process, juice out of production is expressed without damaging the vital minerals and enzymes.

When the auger blade calms the crop, it presses it from the juice strainer. The pulp is expelled, leaving you with yummy juice that’s chock full of nourishment. Some consumers complain about the pulp content; however, strain the liquid using a sieve or put it back through the juicer to remove the pulp’s rest.

Additionally, operating at roughly 60 RPM, the aerodynamic auger extracts a higher yield of juice out of fruits, vegetables, as well as from leafy greens. An additional advantage when using a slow juicer would be that the liquid comes with a long shelf life.

You indeed ought to instantly drink your juice to absorb the enormous amount of nourishment, but you could find it helpful to know you could keep it for later consumption.

Please keep it in the fridge for up to 72 hours. It’s possible to take your new juice on the move, but be sure that you keep it cold to maintain the rich taste of juice. Use a glass container with a tightly sealed lid to get the very best outcomes. It is possible to use a plastic or stainless steel container rather than glass.

Juice Quality (2)

Performance and Noise

If you are not into noisy kitchen appliances, you will love the juicer’s silent operation. This is also great if you are into creating healthy juice mornings or late evenings because you won’t need to worry about waking or bothering your loved ones or acquaintances.

If you are making big batches of juice, then stay away from running the juicer for over 30 minutes, since you’ll lead to an overheating problem.

Provided that you follow some tips, the Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer is quite effective at beating and powering through anything you feed. However, you do need to keep it out to prevent causing blockages and loopholes.

Should I Buy the Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer B6000?

Some will feel that the cost with this juicer is a little high, and for your cash, I would have anticipated a more superior and durable construction, but that will say no to some 10-year guarantee?

The juicer may be a little finicky with components and demands a small learning curve to become accustomed to.

Overall, if you’re searching for a juicer that is silent, easy-to-clean, does not take up much flat space, and will surely give you a high-quality juice which may be kept for three times as long in contrast to sap out of a standard centrifugal juicer, the more Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer is a superb option.

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