Lungo Vs Espresso – Which Is Better? [New 2020]

Lungo Vs Espresso - Which Is Better

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Espresso is a frequent beverage for coffee fans, but have you ever heard of a Lungo? It’s comparable to espresso since an espresso machine produces it. There are a couple of differences between the two. Learning these gaps may change the one that you prefer to like. The descriptions of each are below. Following the reading, you may know the differences between a lungo and also an espresso to choose what suits your taste.

What is an Espresso?

What is an Espresso

An espresso shot is a rich, concentrated drink that’s usually one or two ounces. After the espresso makers attract these shots, then it’s forcing hot water through packaged grounds and extracting the most daring espresso tastes that you anticipate. The extraction may take about 20-30 minutes.

A shot of espresso contains three components: the darker underside part is known as the body, the center is in the center and has a lighter color, and also is your mild, foamy cream. Many men and women like espresso alone, though it’s possible to add sugar or milk if you would like. If a single espresso shot is not sufficient, you can purchase a doppio (2-3 ounce ) or a triple shot.

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What is a lungo coffee?

What's Lungo

A Lungo is merely a kind of espresso-based drink, or among these coffee types, you’ll be able to create in your espresso machine. Lungo is an Italian term that translates to extended in English, and it will get the name from the way that it’s made.

The Lungo is an espresso kind that will typically include more water than a regular espresso. That makes it distinct because it’s made out of a slower and much more rigorous extraction; that is precisely what is fondly known as a very long pull.

This drink is created with an identical quantity of finely ground coffee like a usual espresso but with roughly double the amount of water, which leads to a brew dimension of 2 ounces, which is around the same as a double shot of espresso.

What Exactly Does a Lungo Taste Like?

As it’s a kind of espresso, the Lungo still gets the richness and also boldness, which are connected with the standard espresso, but both don’t taste the same.

With Lungo, you receive a more watery beverage as it’s more water but the same amount of java as the typical espresso. In comparison to an espresso, the Lungo will have a comparatively less powerful taste. The more extraction time makes it bitterer since it allows for all these bitter compounds in the java to be expressed.

Coffee drinkers who prefer sour coffee will adore the Lungo because apart from being comparatively bitterer, it will be bigger than a regular espresso.

The Way to Generate a Lungo

In case you’ve got an espresso machine, you shouldn’t break a sweat to generate the Lungo because, besides most machines using a button specifically for pulling a Lungo, its recipe is among the few primary ones that lots of espresso machine versions will include. However, if you’re not sure how to create one in your home, here’s a concise guide that can give you a hand.

Everything You Want

  • An espresso machine
  • Finely ground coffee
  • Filtered water
  • Tamper

Extraction Time: Up to 60 minutes

Step-by-step Instructions

Step 1: Load Water Reservoir

Begin by filling the water reservoir in your espresso maker using filtered water. And notice that while a regular shot of espresso may utilize around 30 ml water, a Lungo utilizes at least twice this 60 tsp.

Step 2: Heat Machine

Heating your espresso machine is an important step that’s often overlooked but remains crucial. A few of these machines may take around 45 minutes to heat up and to spare time you want to change them on the way beforehand.

Step 3: Insert Coffee Grounds

The next step would be to include coffee grounds into the portafilter, and since the Lungo is an espresso-based drink, you will still have to use finely ground coffee. Remove the portafilter in the device, fill it up together with the reasons before tamping with afterward tamper, and restore it to your machine. It’s also worth noting that approximately 7 g of coffee grounds will be utilized per serving for a Lungo.

Step 4: Push Button to Brew

Most contemporary espresso machines have a”Lungo” button, so once everything is installed, you may have to push it to produce the brew. The extraction period for your Lungo will probably be between 50 and 60 seconds; that’s more compared to 20 to 30 minutes required to pull a reasonable shot of espresso.

Step 5: Perform and Revel in

Many Lungo fans would prefer to take it as many of its fanatics enjoy it due to the bitterness; however, just like any other java kind, you may still lighten it with a little cream or milk well as add some sugar to sweeten things.

Espresso Vs Lungo

Lungo Vs Espresso

The Taste

Since you use additional water to pull out a lungo, the flavor is a great deal more subdued than that of the espresso (a shooter pulled with half of the water). But while the beverage is not as powerful (as a result of water), it’s more bitter. For many, that may seem lovely. However, for others, the bitterness makes this variation they’re favorite of the espresso versions.

This bitterness phenomenon could be attributed to the simple fact that most of the bitterness-causing elements of java are dissolved after the extraction process. Extending the period required to pull the shooter allows for a longer time for them to be integrated into the boil.

As stated previously, espresso has an intense taste due to the smaller quantity of water being pushed through all of the coffee grounds.


Lungo is created with roughly twice as much water, so they are more significant than espresso shots. An average shooter has approximately one ounce of espresso, and a lungo shooter makes two oz.


In addition to the high level of flavor, a few people today inquire whether this implies lungo has significantly less caffeine in them. There’s no less or more caffeine at a lungo than espresso since the primary differentiating factor is how much water you’re passing to produce the Lungo through extraction. The length of time that the removal of the coffee chooses. The only real differences are down to the kind of beans since Robusta beans generally get more caffeine than regular Arabica beans.

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