Handground Coffee Grinder Review [New 2020]

Handground Coffee Grinder Review [New 2020]

For those that have the vision to opt for a superb hand coffee grinder, then our Handground coffee grinder inspection can help you heaps. From the alteration of a few of the most delightful coffee manufacturers, the Handground coffee grinder is still just one amazing one.

Handground java grinder had been the child of Daniel Vitiello and Brandon Warman, who had the urge to produce a manual coffee grinder.

Let Fikanyc go through the breakdown of this Handground coffee grinder at which we’ll explore each and what about this incredible product.

About the Business

Handground began out on Kickstarter in 2015. The effort was fully funded within a day and was able to raise over $300.000.

We did not have too many superior manual grinders since we do now, so there was a massive demand for something exciting and new.

Handground promised exactly that using their innovative side-mounted manage.

The business highlights the community-aspect of this grinder. The backers can finance it, but their opinions have also been applied throughout the design period.

This is pretty perceptible, but I can not help wondering if that is not real of too many cooks spoiling the soup.’

Handground Coffee Grinder Review

Handground Coffee Grinder Review


The very first thing that strikes you about the Handground is your dimensions. It is rather large in real life. It is plump round the waist, making it awkward to maintain a transparent manner.

The weight can be significant. In 800 grams/28 ounce, it is comparable to a number of the big boys, such as 1Zpresso Pro.

The most striking component is the forward movement handle, which divides it from most other grinders on the market. The notion is that it is simpler to create power pressing compared to turning the manage horizontally.

Grind Quality

For grind caliber, I look at how it works when you utilize the grind for creating real coffee by analyzing its various grind preferences. With this review, I created espresso and French press. These kinds of java allow us to get a balanced comparison between the settings that are fine, along with the coarser preferences. In another section, I’ll look at the grind consistency, since it is every bit as necessary. The Handground coffee grinder has been promoted as effective at producing something out of espresso grind to a trickle, which is all about the coarsest. This excludes Turkish coffee, which necessitates much finer grind.

Ease of Use

Due to this crank design on the side of the grinder, the Handground coffee grinder is extremely simple to use. However, it’s quite large, and people with little hands are stating it can be somewhat hard to manage it. My palms are slightly big, so I don’t have this problem. However, my son managed to grind in the best setting and demanded my help to maintain the grinder set up.

What is significant is that it does not need much force to maintain rotating on the coarsest setting. It’s ideal for turning the crank in a lesser but consistent speed, rather than a couple of power burst. You need to make an effort and maintain the base of the grinder in the surface at any given moment, which can be more readily done at a lesser grinding speed. It is possible to take advantage of the sticky mat in the base of the grinder.

However, I did not use it. Though this might allow it to keep set up, you are stuck to the same place during grinding. I had been using it in my living room watching TV simultaneously (which destroys the moment somewhat when grinding for moments in the best setting), this isn’t helpful as I do not need to keep it on my coffee table all the time. Should you keep it in your kitchen, this ought to work well. Overall, the Handground coffee grinder is quite simple to use.


While this product only was available on the marketplace for a couple of months, it’s somewhat hard to form an opinion regarding its real durability in the long term. However, the way it’s constructed is promising, since the Handground men made sure to utilize high-quality substances for all vital pieces. The product feels strong, and I believe there is a fantastic trade-off involving glass, metal, and plastic. Throughout the Kickstarter effort, they’ve been quite receptive to the production process (in China), which can also help protect against skimping on materials.

According to my evaluations and those located in other reviews, I provide the Handground coffee grinder an almost flawless assessment on durability for the time being. If this changes any place, in the long run, I will upgrade this review naturally.


The Handground coffee grinder comes with an MSRP of $79,95, and it can be a little higher than many manual coffee grinders. I believe this cost is warranted as this grinder can also be of more excellent quality than many grinders. It’s a little at a league of its own since there aren’t many grinders in the cost level to compare it with. Zassenhaus includes a couple of coffee grinders at the 50 -$100 price range, but those are smaller hooks using entirely different appearances and layout (hand twist on the top ).

There are a couple more pricey ($200+) manual coffee grinders( which score a little better on consistency (and possibly durability), but that is an entirely different course. In comparison to many

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