Oster Pro 1200 Blender Review: Top Full Guide 2020

Oster Pro 1200 Blender

Nowadays, we all know all about the advantages of living and eating a healthy life. Fortunately, this can be made simple for us with new tools such as the one we’re going to discuss in this particular review. This appliance is much more than only a blender. It’s a super-powered appliance that will improve your life in many ways, and also FIKA’s Oster Pro 1200 Blender Review can help show you.

Oster Pro 1200 Blender Review

Product Specs:

  • Program Home & Personal Use
  • Motor 19,000 RPM /1200 Watts
  • BPA-Free Yes (blender cup not supported BPA-free)
  • Height 14.25″ / 36.2 cm
  • Jug Ability 48 fl. oz. / 1419 mL.
  • Rate Controls Buttons (Low; Moderate; High; Pulse)
  • Preprogrammed Cycles Green/Frozen Smoothies; Food Chop/Salsa; Milkshakes
  • Warranty 3 Years (Satisfaction Guarantee)
  • 10 Years (All-Metal Drive)


  • Adequate performance at affordable Budget
  • Strong enough to be flexible
  • Compact and sleek design with lasting BPA-free Tritan jar
  • Multiple preprogrammed cycles and rate settings for maximum control


  • Louder than ordinary to get a blender
  • Broad and poorly constructed blender cup is more prone to leaking and hard to handle
  • Challenging to Locate replacements when components break

Construct and Design

The Oster Pro 1200 Plus is likely to earn a compact addition to your kitchen with a sleek brushed nickel base.

Together with all the jar attached, the blender weighs and measures:

  • 7 inches broad (17.8 cm)
  • 14 inches tall (35.6 cm)
  • 7.9 inches deep (20.07 cm)
  • 13.3 lbs (6.03 kilograms)

There are nine components to the blender, for example, base.

You receive a full Tritan jar using a 48 ounce. (6 cups) capacity. If you did not understand, Tritan is an ultra-powerful BPA-free plastic utilized to grow a product’s durability and, thus, longevity.

The jar lid includes a cap that doubles as a two-ounce. Measuring cups and may be eliminated when you have to add more ingredients without taking the top off.

Compared to preceding Oster blender models, it features a considerably bigger blade, translating to successful processing.

You also receive a 24 ounce. Blender cup that you may either “fill around go” or utilize rather than this blender jar to process your meals straight within the blender cup.

Something you ought to know about the blender cup has to do with its general layout, which was essential for matching the blender blade.

Nevertheless, the disadvantage to this particular width is that it makes the cup lid hard to twist or remove if you’ve got moderate to small hands. The cup may also be tough to drink from.

Since the cup does not contain rubber or O-ring within the lid, it is prone to leaking and corrode if liquid pops from the top. Therefore, unless you’re able to keep the cup at a vertical place in any way times, I advise that you do not bring it with you on the move.

Suffice it to state, although the cup may appear handy, maintain it out of your purchasing choice.

The blender base features a total of 9 buttons using an LED light indicator, which provides you considerable control over-processing.

These include “On/Off” and “Stop” buttons in addition to Low, Moderate, High, and Pulse controls. To top it off, you get 3 preprogrammed cycle buttons for (1) greens and frozen fruit, (2) food chop and salsas, and (3) milkshakes.

Interchangeable Tech

The Oster Pro has the great advantage of utilizing interchangeable parts to offer you different products. Whether you will need a blender, food processor, or even a slicer/chopping blade, then you can have everything from this one device.

A lot of people can ask,’can a blender be utilized as a food processor?’ The answer here is no. These are two different tools that provide different outcomes. Throughout our Oster Pro 1200, Blender Reviewwe discovered just how distinct but convenient equally appliances are. Therefore, having the ability to get from 1 apparatus is a characteristic we adore in this product.

Fast and Simple Settings

With regular blenders, it can be hard to understand precisely what function to use for various recipes. Fortunately, this system figures out that for you.

With three distinct preprogrammed settings, which makes particular foods becomes incredibly simple. In the touch of a button, you can find the best salsas, smoothies, or milkshakes. Then there’s also the helpful pulse button for extra precision and control.

These settings give you more control than regular blenders, allowing for a better outcome in the long run.

More Efficient Blades

This appliance has a well-designed blade system to get more significant outcomes. The dual-direction technology ensures this product combines both reverse and forward. This useful feature allows the components to flow down to the blade a lot simpler for smoother and much more well-blended outcomes.

The great blades are 50% bigger than other Oster products. This usually means that mixing, pulsing, or chopping on this apparatus will provide you better and simpler results.

Simple to Use

You’re thinking about how to use a blender? The easy answer is with fantastic simplicity with this version! The machine requires minimal work and consideration on your part because the many components are unbelievably simple to attach onto the foundation. Once connected, all you want to do is fill the glass jar and then hit the button to combine.

As stated earlier, the pre-programmed setting provides you more ease of use and command when using this. Our Oster Pro 1200 Blender review discovered this to be among the most straightforward products to use and manage.

Quick to sterile

The machine consists of a 6-cup boro glass jar. This jar is totally dishwasher safe and very durable, which makes cleanup a breeze. Either pop it in the dishwasher quickly, just hand wash it.

Blenders and food processors frequently have so many distinct components to clean and assemble, but this specific appliance keeps it comfortable for most excellent ease of use and washing up.

Blender/Food Processor Combination

Enabling you to change this system into various tools opens up numerous chances in the kitchen. We discovered that there are many different blender applications available during this blender.

The machine itself enables you to create smoothies, milkshakes, soups, sauces, and a lot more with complete simplicity. Subsequently, the food processor opens up the chance of immediate salsas, dough, cutting, chopping, and much more.

Having the ability to blend the two different products in one is quite helpful. There’s also no need to be concerned about constructing an Oster blender, as the pieces are incredibly straightforward and straightforward to twist together.

1200 Watt Power

The tremendous powerful 1200 watt motor with this appliance will genuinely get the task finished. Fantastic for mixing ice, frozen fruits, tough vegetables, and much more with complete simplicity. This is a high-performance system.

Additionally, there are seven distinct speeds to pick from. This gives you more power and control while preparing recipes.

Smoothie Cup

To make your life far more straightforward, and extra smoothie is included for this product. This massive cup is ideal for traveling and on the move dishes. The lid is spill-proof, and also the cup durable and robust.

It follows your smoothie can be reached in minutes and immediately transferred to the convenient travel cup for ultra ease.

Strong Blades

The blades on this grinder are just among those standout features. They flip in both directions that allow for a more massive flow of food within the machine. This causes a quicker, smoother, more well-mixed blend.

The blades will also be 50% bigger than preceding Oster products. This system is, in fact, a workhorse.

Tomato Watermelon Cooler

What Can I Make with the Oster Pro 1200 Blender?

While this unit is not successful for producing everything, the 1200-watt engine makes this grinder strong enough for creating:

  • Smoothies
  • Foods
  • salsas
  • Nut butter
  • ice cream
  • Frozen beverages

Additionally, you may even chop oils and crush ice hockey.

You will observe that this blender fighting or getting rather time-consuming is if you attempt to create nut butter or pulverize dry plant material to powder.

Should I Buy the Oster Pro 1200 Blender?

This blender is best for you, whether you’re searching for a powerful and reasonably flexible machine at an inexpensive price tag.

It is a great entry-level blender for novices before considering a premium-priced new version.

The Oster Pro 1200 Plus works great for green and regular smoothies, milkshakes, chopping ingredients, making sauces, sauces and salsas, and crushing ice.

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