SKG Juicer Review: Top Full Guide 2020

SKG Juicer

SKG Juicer isn’t a brand new name, and its masticating juicers are well-loved by juicing aficionados long before juicing became the hype it’s today. In the following guide, FIKA will have a peek at the SKG A10, among the brand’s very well-known masticators.

SKG Juicer Review: The Defining Features of this SKG A10

Product information:

  • Color: Silver
  • Package Dimensions 16.5 x 14.1 x 12.5 inches
  • Item Weight 19.96 Pounds
  • Manufacturer SKG
  • Noise Level Low
  • Warranty 2 Decades
  • Most significant for Juicing Dense Produce, Citruses & Leafy Greens
  • Program Home & Personal Use


  • A well-designed product
  • Reasonably priced
  • Slower RPM (36 revolutions) makes it more effective at extracting juice.
  • It can process a Wide Array of produce.
  • Using its 3.15-inch feeding chute, it may juice an entire apple.
  • There is a secondary 1.75 chute for more veggies like carrots and celery. It would help if you still decreased your carrots, however, but lengthwise is going to do.
  • Two juicing screens comprised roughly to for a pulpy juice, plus a nice one if you do not need any fiber on your beverage.
  • Contains a juice cup with a built-in sieve
  • 72 hours of juice life
  • High juice yield and nutrient retention
  • Silent operation


  • It isn’t dishwasher safe.
  • If you would like to produce ice-cream or soy milk using the SKG 10 juicer, it does not have that attribute since no clean filter is included. With this attachment, also, it will not have the ability to puree soft fruits. So, essentially, it is only a washing machine.
  • Short assurance policy of just 2 Decades


The SKG A10 was made to cater to customers with different juicing requirements. It’s a sizable flip-over feeding chute (3.15 inches), which lets it take entire apples and apples and a more prominent, long line for carrot or celery. This removes the need to reduce everything into fine small bits, and it is a nuisance for many masticator users.

Clogging is not a problem at the feeding/crushing stage. Nevertheless, when something has stuck, there is a Reverse purpose you can use to unjam it.

The slow juicer includes two strainers: 1 with nice holes for milder juice plus one with bigger holes allowing more pulp into the liquid when you want a bit more fiber into your beverage.

Using two feeding chutes and a tiny pulp chute, clogging will occur at the pulp rejection stage. Since the exit is obstructed, the pulp gradually gets into the juice. While this happens, even the excellent strainer can’t assist. There is a stainless steel filter to decrease pulp and foam. However, you’ll need to keep cleaning it up, which considerably slows down the juicing process.

Is it Effortless to Use?

Entire slow juicers are a new breed of juice extractors. There is a small learning curve for this, but it will not take long to get accustomed to.

One thing which you will need to pay close attention to using all the SKG A10 cold press juicer is its mouths. It’s a main 3-inch flip-over chute, and also a secondary 1.75″ station.

The larger one can process entire wheat, but it will not risk dropping any other real produce in it, particularly those denser and harder ones. Citruses will also do the job, but such as the peel, rinds, and seeds may ruin your juice’s flavor.

Even though it includes a mouth as big as a high-speed juicer, you can not skip in your cutting abilities. But, more significant portions can do just fine.

The ideal use cases for your smaller spout include long things like carrots, celery, cucumber, etc.. It would be perfect for cutting off these veggies (besides celery) into four components, rather lengthwise.

Is it Simple to Wash?

I would say it is a tad hard to keep, considering that it is not safe and larger components. The best pair and the juicing screen will probably require most of your time. The chute has a while to reach crevices, and you want to brush off residue and fibers stuck in the filter basket.

Juice Quality

Following is a reality. It is the funniest entire slow juicer. It merely spins at roughly 36 RPM, 50% slower compared to the competition. This accomplishment makes the SKG A10 better at extracting juice from produce. At precisely the same time, this very low RPM also reduces oxidation.

The SKG A10 excels equally in juice yield and nutrient preservation.

If you are interested, yes, your juice will have a shelf life of 3 times as another cold-pressed beverage.

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This juice press may take on compact produce, leafy greens, and citruses.

It can juice a whole apple, but it is still perfect for eliminating the heart and the seeds. Celery and asparagus do not need cutting. These things can go down the giant chute. Carrots, radishes, cucumbers, and zucchini must be cut lengthwise, and the secondary line can also be its very best entry point.

Fibrous produce like beets Yukon, pumpkin, garlic, candy potato, fennel, along with other things such as lemon, watermelon, broccoli, garlic, etc. ought to be cut into manageable chunks before dropping it in the other over the chute.

Considering that the SKG A10 spins at 36 RPM, it may effectively juice leafy greens like kale, collard greens, carrot, carrot, spring onion, moringa, basil, peppermint, lettuce, beet greens, etc., with ease. Larger items will need to be trimmed accordingly.

To get citruses, including oranges, limes, oranges, grapefruit, tangerine, you ought to peel off it and get rid of the rinds and seeds when potential to get better tasting juice.

If you’d like fiber or pulp into your juice, then make use of the coarse filter.

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SKG Juicer Review FAQs

Do you need to wash your juicer after each use?

Again the answer is easy: wash the juicer entirely after each use. Be especially sure to wash out the juicing screen of juice or pulp particles together with the brush. Be kind to your juicer, and it’ll provide you with many years of loyal support.

Which juicer keeps the maximum nutrients?

Nearly all the juicing globe would state slower masticating juicers maintain more nourishment, but based on Sage since this specific centrifugal appliance works at these high rates, the vulnerability to friction-induced oxygen and heat is minimized.

Is a juicer a fantastic investment?

The worth of good health is priceless. Healthful juicing is an intelligent investment and to purchase a high-quality juicer. The distinction in purchasing new juices at a local juice bar and preparing your juices in your home is massive. Be sure only to buy flashlights from a trustworthy and respectable brand.

VIDEO: SKG A10 Slow Masticating Wide Mouth Juicer Unboxing

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